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Post-Match Quote Sheet: Brazil 4, USA 0

U.S. head coach GREG RYAN
Opening statement:
“First, I would like to congratulate Brazil for playing a great game tonight. They have great skill and great team play. I think if we could look at where these young women have come from, where they have developed with very little in their country and how they have come so far in their own personal development, this is a great achievement for them.”

“It was a very difficult game for us tonight. I want to congratulate my players because I think this was the 51st game, that they had gone without a loss until tonight. I am very proud of the effort that they put in tonight. The game didn’t go our way, but I’m very proud of all of our young women who put in the last two-to-three years of their commitment, time, dedication, to come out and give their best tonight. To say that, this game is one game, and it’s over now, and we’re moving on to prepare for our game against Norway, another very important match for our team.”

On the effect on the game of Boxx’s red card:
“Shannon Boxx getting sent off so early in the game completely changes the game. When you are a man short against a team that plays so well as Brazil, it’s very difficult. In terms of our adjustments, we played in a 3-4-2 to try and still attack, but try and keep Brazil from getting more which would end the game, which is what ended up happening.”

On Briana Scurry’s play in goal:
“In terms of having Briana start tonight, I don’t have any regrets about that. I think Bri played a great game. The one goal that Marta scored was a great goal. It comes off her foot so quick. We had two players on Marta when she hit that thing, and she’s just a great player and she scored a great goal. I think Briana in that situation gives us the best chance to save that shot because of her quickness and speed. I know she got hands to the ball and did everything that she could to save that, and if you look at the rest of the match there’s nothing she could have done about any of the other goals. I’m very happy with how Briana stood in there tonight. When we were having to attack even when we were a man short, she was saving us at the other end, trying to give us a chance to get back in the game.”

On the second sub, Ellertson for O’Reilly:
“At one point we brought Tina on to defend Marta and I thought she did a very good job. We tried to push Christie Rampone up the field because she is not only good at defending, but attacking going the other way. They were getting behind us in that space so we moved Christie into and they were getting in up our right side through Maicon their left midfielder. That was the reason for that sub.”

On the third sub, Dalmy for Markgraf:
“The other sub was Kate Markgraf, who had a sprained ankle which she got maybe in the 70th minute and she actually couldn’t run anymore. She was doing the best she could. At that point we brought in Marian Dalmy and we had to bring Christie back to defend again because Kate couldn’t go on.”

On Hope Solo:
“I haven’t talked to Hope after the game, but we spent some time together sitting down and talking about things today, and just telling her that she’s done great in this World Cup. She’s got four games under her belt without a loss. She’s a young, very talented ‘keeper who will, I’m sure, lead this team many years into the future. I’m very proud of how she’s played and she will continue to play in the goal for this team down the road.”

On if Brazil has surpassed the U.S. program:
“In terms of talent, Brazil has some wonderfully talented players. You look at Marta and Cristiane and they’re very exceptional players. And the rest of the players are very skillful, and can play well together also. First, we want to give them great credit for having so much talent in their team. In terms of the U.S.’s ability to continue to compete against these teams, we need to continue to develop our talent so that we can develop players from our youth like Marta, like Cristiane. But I think we have some great players coming up, I think you can’t draw too many conclusions from tonight’s game because at the point we were down 2-0, I believe they only had one shot on goal. So, in terms of the organization, things were actually going well up to that point. But any time you give up an own goal early and then Marta is just fantastic in terms of getting a shot off against two closing defenders, and then a sending off, then it’s easy to say Brazil looked great. We had to chase them around the park for the last 45 minutes with 10 players.”

On Brazil:
"I don't think we were surprised. We knew what they were going to do. We just didn't start off the way we wanted to. They were beating us to the ball most of the time and I think that had the momentum going their way. The first goal is a fluke, then Marta scored a good goal, and then we are down a man and we are just trying to keep our heads above water. The team fought to the end and Brazil was the better team today."

On if the goalkeeper change affected the team:
“I don’t think so. It’s a game out there. With everyone on the field, it wasn’t about anything like that. It was a game that we came up short in, and if you look at it like that it was Brazil’s day and not the USA’s.”

On her future:
“I’ve got another game on Sunday, so that’s the one I am looking forward to the most right now. With a team like this you come into a semi and come up short you have one more game left to end on a win in a big tournament like this. The U.S. will come back on Sunday and make the country proud.”

On how a team like Brazil can be stopped:
“We just have to contain them and try to drive them the opposite way. With a man down, we went to man-to-man and they just spread the field out on us and just ran us all over.”

On the impact of playing a man down:
“You have to change your game plan when you are a man down. We tried to settle the ball a little bit and play with more confidence. We were on our heels a little bit and that wasn’t working, so we tried hitting it a little bit longer and trying to get in their end. It’s tough to play a man down but I think we battled, but today wasn’t our day.”

U.S. goalkeeper BRIANA SCURRY
On Brazil:
“Their players are more individually skilled as a team than any other team out there. You really have to work hard on defense against them, and you have to try to keep them as contained as you can and that’s tough to do without 11 people.”

On the own goal:
“I would have gotten it had it gone past her, but I mean Leslie, that’s her area. Leslie’s going to try to get that ball no matter what and it’s not her fault. She was making her effort like she is supposed to and unfortunately it was just right in front of the post. It is my job to call her out of there, but once she’s going it’s tough to get a person to stop in the middle.”

On Marta’s first goal:
“I think if maybe I had come off my line a little more. Obviously when I got the touch it would have gone around the post. It’s tough to say with Marta because she’s so skilled, if I hug the near post too much she goes far post, and if I hug the far post too much she goes near. She is an incredibly skilled player and she put it, unfortunately, just out of my reach.”

On the game:
“This is difficult because when you go down a man against a team as good as Brazil, they are going to take advantage of you. When we are trying to push forward and get those goals back, they are going to take advantage of you in the moment’s you’re getting forward. The fact that it was 4-0 doesn’t matter to me. They won, we lost. That’s the way I look at this game. It was a much different game when we had 11 on the field. A fluke goal, the first goal, and after that it’s anybody’s game. When the referee calls red card on Shannon Boxx, her second yellow for a red, it changes the whole course of the game. I’m not going to sit here and make excuses because we could have come out stronger, but today was Brazil’s day and I’m heartbroken.”

On Brazil’s improvement:
“Brazil has really amazing individual soccer players on that team and today they played like a team. I’ve never seen them play so well. They brought all of their heart and all of their soccer to the table.”

On the loss:
“That was a hard fought game. This game, unlucky, we go down a man. It’s a hard loss to swallow. But the thing about this team that I’ve always loved is that we’ve learned something from every mistake that we’ve made: 95, 03 and hopefully now moving forward we can learn from this.”