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Your Picks for U.S. Players on the World Cup All-Star Team

We asked you what you thought of our picks for which U.S. players would have the best chance to make the World Cup All-Star team…and here’s what you provided:

Michael Leonnig
I think you have to go with Kasey Keller, Donovan, O'Brien, Beasley or Cherundulo. They are world class players. Kasey is peaking and has awesome reaction time. The others are unique in that they are speedy and play with creativity.

Thanks Michael. All good picks.


I think Keller and Donovan are potential starters, I think you guys got that on the money. Though I think Donovan has a better shot then Keller.

Ktiger45 likes us…so we like Ktiger45.

Andy Winterbottom
Duxbury, Mass

Clint Dempsey and Bobby Convey (3 to 1). These two guys are easily the most electrifying and athletic guys out on the field. I feel if they both get plenty of playing time, they will definitely turn some heads and put some balls in the back of the net. If Dempsey and Convey are on their games, I can see this team going a very long way in the tournament. Also if that's the case it's going to be very hard for the Revolution to keep Dempsey in the MLS.

Andy, it could happen. We did say they had the chance to be the next Donovan and Beasley…

Paul Russo Stone

Kasey Keller may be the best player at his position on the U.S. MNT, but he won't be on the World Cup All-Star team; he has too many outstanding keepers to compete against. While that's also true of players in other positions, they'll have more and better opportunities to shine than Keller will behind a fairly solid back line. Donovan won't make the listings because the Cup's being played in Germany, where no matter what he does to shine, he'll be ridiculed and denigrated for having (rightly) snubbed the Bundesliga.

Beyond that, expectations are modest enough for our team players that they'll be in good position to outplay themselves. I think Onyewu will prove the big winner for our team this time around, and I think he has the best chance of making the all-star listings.

Going with Gooch are ya? Well, we’re not putting in writing that we disagree for fear of Gooch actually reading this and tracking us down.


This is going to be Bobby's tournament. He is high on confidence and is playing the best soccer of his career. If things start going right for him early his confidence will shoot up and he'll outshine Landon and McBride.

That is a bold statement by dvalenzuela. We don’t see it happening (although we'd be fine if it did), but we like the enthusiasm.

Dave White
Orange County, CA

I believe putting Landon Donovan as your number 2 pick from the U.S. MNT for a possible choice as a tournament all-star borders on dishonesty. There seems to be a need in U.S. Soccer to try to lift up the MLS in world soccer. If any player other than Kasey Keller has a chance of making the all-star team, it would likely be one of the players who has made it as an everyday player in Europe. Cherundolo, Reyna, Beasley and even McBride, all have a better chance than Donovan. Internationally, Donovan will always be saddled with the reputation for not having the heart to fight his way to acceptance as a world class footballer. 

This just in... Dave White is not a LD fan. Okay, maybe he’s a fan, but just not sold that he’s that great. We agree there’s a lot of hype around the “golden boy,” but if you don’t think he’s one of the best – if not the best player – on the team, you’ve been watching to much “O.C” and need to come back to the real world, Dave.

Jason Piant
Dublin, OH

I still think Claudio Reyna will have the best chance to make the FIFA First XI, because the people who pick the team clearly appreciate technical players. This was evident by Claudio’s inclusion in 2002. He only played in four of the five matches (even sitting out one of the wins), and did not score a goal, but his versatility (playing on the right against Mexico as opposed to his normal central position), ability to read a match, and pure determination (how many long balls did he chase down in the final 15 minutes of the quarterfinal match against Germany?), will allow him to show he is a truly first class American player.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves (and probably didn’t). Thanks Jason.

Robert Dean

I think we should let them just play for now. Come on what is with these odds??? 

You’re right Robert…we shouldn’t say anything until they play the games. That sounds like fun.

Josh Curnett
Aurora, Colorado

Interesting picks . . . I don't disagree with Keller, Donovan, and Reyna as our top three guys. To have even one player on the WC All Star team is an honor (like CR in '02). Couldn't disagree with you more about Cherundolo, though. SC often gets worked physically if he's inside the 18 and has trouble weighting a pass. I sort of cringe when I see him start, though not as badly as I cringed when Agoos started in '02. In fact, I didn't cringe when Agoos started. I cried.

We’re going to end our piece here as there’s no way anyone is going to top Josh’s comment. A bit harsh as due to his own goal in ’02, people easily forget Agoos was a crucial element for the U.S. for a number of years, and we’re also not sure how you can compare him to Cherundolo. Different players, different roles and a different time. What we’re trying to say is we don’t agree with you. Don’t cry Josh.