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Post Match Quote Sheet: USA 3, Mexico 1

U.S. WNT head coach Greg Ryan:
On Abby Wambach’s performance:
“I thought that she just gave so much to this game tonight. You saw her intensity, her focus and a big heart on the field tonight. You see her leadership on the field. She’s helping the young players, she’s talking to them and directing people. That’s all good stuff. The direction she is giving them is like having another coach on the field.”

On the team and the defense’s overall performance:
“I am really happy with the way they came back. Overall, I am pretty happy with the performance. We had four outside backs on the field for a while, and I am really happy because we want our outside backs to be able to play in the middle. Christie Rampone and Mittsy (Heather Mitts) are outside backs, and they did a great job in the center. I am very happy with the way the defense played; three shots on goal all night.”

U.S. WNT forward Abby Wambach:
On playing in her hometown:
“It was great. You can’t ask for a better night for me, personally. The fans cheered ‘Abby’ throughout the middle of the game and I thought ‘Only in Rochester does this happen.’ It feels good because you know you are supported and it shows you how well the people of Rochester take care of those from here who go on to be successful.”

On her penalty kick:
“A week ago we had a scrimmage in L.A. and we did PKs afterward, and I hit mine too softly to the ‘keeper. I changed my PK style and if I put it where I want to with the strength of my shot it’s going to go in whether the ‘keeper guesses right or not.”

On her style of play:
“You have to do whatever you can. I’m obviously bigger, and hopefully stronger than most of the people out here. I just have to use everything that I can because I’m not necessarily the quick, slashing forward. I have some speed, but mostly I am powerful and strong and I need to use that to my advantage.

On Tarpley, who scored her 10th international goal:
“Lindsay Tarpley has changed the complex of our whole front line. She gives us a whole different look. She keeps the ball in possession for us like a midfielder does, she can get behind defenders and the girl can run all day.”

U.S. WNT forward Lindsay Tarpley:
On playing forward:
“It felt amazing to be out there on the field. I was playing up front which is nice. I was playing in the midfield for the first part of the year. I look at it as I have a chance to be versatile.”

On the team’s progress:
“We’ve made a ton of progress this year. It’s exciting to look toward qualifying and know that we have two or thee months to improve even more. Greg’s done such a great job with our team, bringing us together and helping us get to that next level.”