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Most Popular Sport in the Universe Scores a Goal in The U.S. Soccer Federation's Soccer for Dummies(r)

NEW YORK, New York (June 14, 2000) - It's the most popular game in the world! The best thing about soccer is that it is such a universal sport. From the back yard to the World Cup, soccer is played and watched with a passion like no other.

Now, The U.S. Soccer Federation and noted soccer journalist Michael Lewis have given readers a comprehensive view of the world's most popular sport by authoring Soccer For Dummies (IDG Books Worldwide, Inc., May 2000, $19.99), a guide for every level of soccer fan.

Soccer For Dummies is full of information that will appeal to the novice who just kicked his/her first soccer ball, the intermediate coach or the most enthusiastic fan who does not miss a match. Whether they are a superstar goal scorer or just someone who watches on television, your audience can use Soccer For Dummies to start them on their way toward not only understanding this great sport, but enjoying it and developing a passion for it as well. The book includes chapters explaining soccer and understanding the rules of the game, and provides advice, insights and tips to follow when playing, coaching and watching.

Among the valuable soccer tips and topics covered in Soccer For Dummies are the following:

  • Pro Soccer in the United States: While they don't get near the salaries of their counterparts in baseball, football, basketball or hockey, professional soccer players can earn a living in the U.S. these days. In fact, there have never been so many professional soccer teams in this country.
  • Tips on how to prevent soccer injuries: The best way to handle injuries is for players, coaches and parents to be prepared for as many emergencies as possible and to do their homework. Soccer For Dummies includes tips to help decrease the chance of injury and to know how to handle them if they do occur.
  • Current issues for moms and dads to consider: As parents and as children grow older, more and more questions and issues arise that need to be dealt with in a proper manner including, "When should my child start soccer?," "Should my daughter play with boys?" and "When should my child change teams?"

Additionally, the book tackles all aspects of the game from the very basic tactics of youth soccer, up to the pro and international game, and all the way to the World Cup. Soccer For Dummies discusses topics including background on how soccer moms and dads should behave as a spectator, plus important tips on how children can stay in shape with proper conditioning, practice, and diet.

Whether they are die-hard fans, or just learning what the difference is between dribbling and shooting, Soccer For Dummies is a must read. One of the latest additions to the For Dummies(r) series of sports and leisure titles, Soccer For Dummies is the World Cup champion of soccer books.

About The Authors:

* The U.S. Soccer Federation
Founded in 1913, U.S. Soccer is the governing body of soccer in the United States. U.S. Soccer's goals are very simple and very clear: to make soccer in all its forms, a preeminent sport in the United States (both for spectators and participants) and to raise the National Team caliber of competition to a world championship level.

As the host federation for World Cup USA 1994, two highly successful Olympic soccer tournaments, and the historic 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup, U.S. Soccer governs the sport at the amateur, youth and professional level in the United States, while also administering the game's referees and coaches.

* Michael Lewis
One of the pre-eminent soccer writers in the United States, Michael has covered every level of the game since 1975; from 4-year-olds playing in their first game, to the World Cup, to 50-year-olds running around at the Metropolitan Oval in Queens, New York. Michael, former editor of Soccer magazine, has covered four World Cups, three Olympics, one Women's World Cup, numerous international games and competitions, the NCAA Division I men's tournaments since 1992, and every Major League Soccer Cup. Michael has served as president of the Professional Soccer Reporters Association since 1998.

About IDG Books Worldwide:

* IDG Books Worldwide, Inc. (Nasdaq: IDGB), headquartered in Foster City, Calif., is a leading global knowledge company with a diverse portfolio of technology, consumer and general how-to book brands, computer-based learning tools, Web sites and Internet e-services. IDG's best-selling brands include For Dummies, 3-D Visual, Bible, Cliffs Notes , Frommer, Betty Crocker, Weight Watchers and Webster's New World. The company has more than 4,000 active titles, plus translations in 39 languages around the world. More information about IDGB is available from the company's SEC filings or by visiting the company Web site at, IDGB is a subsidiary of International Data Group, the world's leading IT media, research and exposition company.