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Post Game Quote Sheet: USA vs. China in Chester, Pa.

U.S. head coach PIA SUNDHAGE
On coming from behind to get the tie:
“There’s something to be said about that last 15 minutes. If you look at Yael Averbuch and Alex Morgan, they came in and changed the game quite a bit. We changed the formation a little bit at the same time. I’m very happy about the lessons we learned today.”

On the two games against China as preparation for qualifying:
“It’s good to have two games. We started with 30 players and now we are down to 24 and going to qualification it will be 20. I think we got some good answers today and I’m very happy. If you look at the first half, I thought we couldn’t connect and China made us look not so good. We struggled a little but, but even a goal down the attitude was to come back. Having players come of the bench and change the game like Yael Averbuch and Alex Morgan was a good thing and that was a big goal to tie the game late. We did that a lot in 2008 and we did it again now. As long as we can do that – coming back – we are a strong team.”

On what the team needs to work on for qualifying:
“I said to the players after the game that there are some many things that we have to work on. If you look at our decision making in the flanks, it was not good. At the same time, we couldn’t keep the ball up top. It starts with receiving the ball and finding the rhythm and we couldn’t do that, so that’s why China got a chance to put pressure on our back four. We have to work on the flanks a little more and even though we talked about changing the point of attack, we would do it once (during an attack), but that’s not enough. The international game is so fast that you have to change two or three times in order to be unpredictable. Right now it broke down too early, and it’s something we’ll have to continue to work on.”

On if she is concerned about the team going into qualifying:
“Nothing concerns me. I’m just interested in what we can improve. What is interesting is that at times in the first game against China and in this game we are doing a good job. But then there’s a big period where we are dispossessed too early and it’s all about the decision making and position.”

On the performance and result:
“We are all so used to playing at a certain level and I think today was a bit about competition. We’re all coming off a long WPS season and we’re on different pages. It makes sense, it’s not something to worry about because we’ll fix it. At the end of the day it’s great that we competed to get that goal, the equalizer. I’m really excited for Alex – it’s her first goal in her third cap. She’s going to do really well for this team in the future. It’s a big time goal for her to come in with off the bench.”

On the game:
“I think we’re still trying to click and get playing on the same page. We had some people in new positions and a different back line. We haven’t been together than long with everyone in this camp and it’s a matter of getting games under our belt, getting prepared and you walk away from a game like this realizing what you need to work on and that’s a good thing.”

U.S. midfielder CARLI LLOYD
On coming back from her broken ankle:
“The first game we played Atlanta, I got a little winded as it was the first game back that I really played in. Other than that, I felt great. Tonight I felt really good. The last thing that I’m waiting on my foot is to get the endurance up. It gets tired toward the end, but overall I felt really good. I was really happy to get a 90-minute game in.”

On the performance at PPL Park:
“It’s been tough. Everyone is coming off a season and it’s been a long season. This camp in general we’ve had people coming in and coming out at all different stages and it showed a little bit on the field. But we’re not worried. We are positive that we can come back and it shows you at the end that we can come back and tie and almost put away a second goal. It’s not where we are now, it’s where we are going to be later on and we just need to keep learning and playing better, and I have full confidence in the coaching staff and our team.”