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Post-Match Quote Sheet: USA 1, Germany 0

U.S. head coach PIA SUNDHAGE
On the match:
“It was a really good game, and Germany is a really good team. I said before the game that we would be winners regardless of the outcome, but I am very happy about the Abby Wambach goal, and we did some good defending today. So we go back to the USA, and we know what to work on.”

On the character of the U.S. team:
“As I said, the Germans are very good. I give credit to the back four and Hope Solo in the goal and team defending. I am Swedish, but there is something to be said about the Americans. They are winners. Their attitude is fantastic and that is one of the reasons why we won today. Playing in front of this big crowd is unique, and it’s good for me personally and all the players. So today, I am very happy.”

On the match:
“I am always proud and grateful for the team I am coaching. They do their very best. I said today, it’s ok to make a mistake, which we did in the midfield, but as long as they try, I am so happy.”

On the performance of the center backs LePeilbet and Buehler:
“Before the game, I was talking about how it will be with Buehler and LePeilbet at the highest international level because that’s what this game was about. They played very well, as did the whole back line, especially the second half.”

On Hope Solo:
“As far as Hope Solo in goal, her calmness is contagious and our defenders know it is safe back there. They know what she can do. She’s vocal, organizes and the five them they had a really good game today.”

On playing in a World Cup-like environment and looking forward:
“We had 30,000 watching this came and my communication with the players is very hard, but it’s good to practice that going into the World Cup 2011. There are certain things in the midfield we need to improve. When we make the decisions, sometimes its really good, but sometimes not so good. Sometimes we kept possession and played some pretty nice soccer, however, we couldn’t execute in the final third. It’s not only about the final pass, but also decision-making as well and that’s something we will go back and look at it because to be successful we have to do that better.”

On having a fit Abby Wambach back in the lineup:
“You do have a goal scorer and that’s so different than the Olympics. We created one with Angela Hucles, but now Abby is back, and the tricky part is where she will play and what will her role be? She will get some goals in the World Cup as well. I am absolutely sure about that.”

On the match and the play of the U.S. defense:
“I think interestingly enough what has happened the last few times I’ve played Germany is that the team that had the run of play, ended up losing. Germany had so many great chances, they kept the ball really well and got in behind us a few times. But I think what happens when you have a back five that are as relentless in defending as our defense, it’s just so tough to score. I know from experience because I have to practice against them every day.”

On the play of the U.S. defense:
“It showed on the field when a team like Germany, who is confident on the ball, crafty and can get behind in multiple ways, doesn’t get a goal. It’s just a lot of guts, a lot of practice and a lot of professionalism that goes into that, especially with Christie Rampone not being here. She has been the rock in the back and with her not here and for them to have such a great performance, it shows what kind of character they have in the back line.”

On her goal:
“It was kind of wet out there tonight and for this game to be only 1-0 is surprising considering the conditions. I think we were kind of lucky to get the goal. It was a missed clearance, the keeper came out, probably shouldn’t have, and I put away a decent goal.”

On playing in front of a sold-out crowd:
“Steffi Jones is the president of the Women’s World Cup Committee. I just spoke with her, and I told her that what she’s been doing leading up to this, showed right here in this game with a sold-out crowd. It was a crowd that was excited and cheering on their own team. Honestly, it makes me really excited for the World Cup 2011.”

U.S. goalkeeper HOPE SOLO
On the U.S. back line:
“It was really hard to communicate because of the crowd so we had to trust our own instincts, and what we’ve been preparing for as far as the organization and 99 percent of the time it was on. A lot of times, I get more confident when I can help organize, but they did it all on their own and it was incredible.”

On her match:
“I felt really comfortable. They attack with numbers, so even when they didn’t get the final shot off, I felt like we were under a lot of pressure. Their shots either got blocked, it was good defending or they didn’t finish their final pass. They were attacking with so many numbers that it was pretty intense, but I felt comfortable reading through balls or coming out for any crosses.”

On playing in front of a sold-out crowd:
“I can’t wait for the World Cup. This crowd was amazing. I actually got excited when I got booed and whistled because that never happens. This was great. It’s what it should be like.”

On the match:
“It was definitely a tough game. The Germans were very dangerous in their attacking runs, making smart runs and getting crosses in, but we did well. We were aware of where our players were and tried our best to always be touch-tight and marking in the box. Overall, they did have a few chances here and there, but we did very well with such a strong attacking force.”

On the sold-out crowd:
“The crowd was amazing. It was definitely a fun environment to play in. It was hard to hear each other out there and it was a kind of World Cup environment. There are a lot of factors in a World Cup game you don’t experience every day so that was cool and really good practice for us.”

U.S. midfielder YAEL AVERBUCH
On the match:
“(The Germans) were just really dynamic and all of them are good on the ball and make good runs. We have to give a lot of credit to our back line and Hope. They were outstanding. Just time and time again they made that last tackle or where in the right position and that was big time for us.”