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Quote Sheet: U.S. WNT 2, Brazil 0

Head Coach Greg Ryan

On closing out the game and bringing in Tina Ellertson:
“We’re up 2-0 and we just wanted to put one more defender on the field. We switched into a 4-4-2, took a forward off and wanted to close out the game without giving any goals away.”

On Kristine Lilly’s early goal:
“It sure helped a lot. The first minute of the game to put in a shot like that is great. You can’t hit that ball that much better. The goal sparked the team and put Brazil immediately on their heels so they were reeling after that and it gave us a lot of momentum.”

On scoring the last four goals off of set pieces:
“We’ve been working a ton on set pieces because we know most of the World Cups and Olympics have come down to set pieces in the final. I didn’t think we’d get this many. We work on them constantly and probably spend four or five days a week doing some set piece work.”

On Abby Wambach’s goal scoring rate:
“It’s fantastic. If you compare it to other great goal scorers across the world, I don’t think you see anyone scoring that many goals per game and that’s as dominant in the air.”

On the play of defender Kate Markgraf:
“She looks fantastic. I think she still has another gear in her, but today she looked like the Kate Markgraf of old.”

On midfielder Carli Lloyd:
“Carli found some space and she’s great going forward. She got her shot off there in the second half when she found a little bit of room up the middle, but I think the Brazilians were very good at defending individually, so I don’t think Carli got as much of the ball or as many runs on goal as she’s used to getting. This was a great learning experience for her to see how to play against different types of players.”

On the play of midfielder Leslie Osborne:
“I thought she did very well. She is a very physical, very gritty player and she was able to handle the level of intensity out on that field. I thought she did very well.”

Forward Abby Wambach

On the first half:
“We didn’t know how difficult of a game it was going to be because Brazil hadn’t played all that much together since ’04, so it was a bit of a crapshoot for us, we didn’t know what to expect. One thing we did know was that it was going to be difficult and it was going to be well-fought, sometimes bordering on dirty game, but that’s soccer.”

On the physical play of Brazil:
“That was their game plan in ’04 and it makes perfect sense that it didn’t change because it’s hard to build a rhythm and some sort of cohesion between your teammates if every fifteen seconds there is a foul. And, for me, it hurts. I got hit in the head six times. I’m getting pulled to the ground. Everyone was getting (knocked around). That is a tactic in soccer that you can use to break down another team and I think they do it perfectly.”

On keeping her composure:
“At one point I actually thought I was going to lose it because it was getting so bad. They were stepping on my feet, cleats up into tackles, elbowing me, pulling my jersey; they’re doing anything they can to get under my skin. But, if I lose my focus then they win and their tactic actually works. I really tried to, as we like to say, ‘ice,’ keep that ice in your veins, and I think it worked well for me.”

Midfielder Carli Lloyd

On playing at Giants Stadium in home state of New Jersey for the first time:
“This was the most nervous I’ve been probably playing with the National Team. There was a great crowd. I heard we had about 16,000 people here. I had a lot of friends and family supporting me, so I was nervous, but I was sort of able to channel it out and play.”

On her family coming out to watch:
“I had aunts, uncles, neighbors and other people I know from Delran, New Jersey, that came out. It was great to have them all come out and support me. That’s why I’m here, all the sacrifices and dedication (my family) has made.”

Forward Kristine Lilly

On the victory:
“Today was a good win for us. Going up against a team like Brazil, who we haven’t seen since the Olympic Final was great. To get two goals off of them and get through the game was good for us.”

On her goal 58 seconds into the match:
“I didn’t know it was that quick. I think in college I scored one maybe a little quicker (laughs). It was kind of weird because I couldn’t see if it went in and then Abby (Wambach) was joking because she didn’t know if it was an indirect kick or not. But it was great. We’ve been working on this stuff and I’m trying to keep it on the face (of the goal) and it was great to sneak it in early, especially against a team like Brazil.”

On the physical play of Brazil:
“It was great to play Brazil because they are so different than any kind of team. They are technically so good, they’re quick, but they are also a bit rough. They get in there and are always right around you. As a team we did well to stay composed and trying to play. I think it’s good for these young players to go up against Brazil. They had to weather the storm. I think it was good for us to see it now and I think some of the young players were surprised but they held their own as well.”