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U.S. vs. Peru - Gold Cup 2000 Group B

MIAMI (Wednesday, February 16, 2000) -

United States vs. Peru

Venue: The Orange Bowl (Miami, Florida)
Date: Wednesday, February 16, 2000

(Kickoff: 9:15 p.m. ET)
United States

USA - Cobi JONES, (Eddie LEWIS), 59.


# 1 FRIEDEL, Brad (GK)
# 3 VANNEY, Greg
# 7 LEWIS, Eddie
# 9 KIROVSKI, Jovan
#10 REYNA, Claudio (Capt.)
#11 WYNALDA, Eric
#13 JONES, Cobi
#14 ARMAS, Chris
#16 LLAMOSA, Carlos
#20 McBRIDE, Brian
#23 POPE, Eddie

Available Reserves:
# 4 FRASER, Robin
# 5 BROWN, C.J.
#12 AGOOS, Jeff
#18 MEOLA, Tony (GK)
#19 OLSEN, Ben
#21 WILLIAMS, Richie
#22 RAZOV, Ante


# 1 IBAÑEZ, Oscar (GK)
# 3 REYNOSO, Juan (Capt.)
# 4 SALAZAR ORBE, Marcial (-65')
# 6 REBOSIO, César Miguel
# 8 JAYO, Juan
#10 PALACIOS, Roberto
#11 HOLSEN, Roberto (-71')
#14 SOTO, Jorge
#19 LOBATÓN, Abel
#20 DEL SOLAR, José

Available Reserves:
# 2 HUAMÁN, Jorge
# 5 SOTO, José
#12 FLORES, Marco (GK)
#15 ZÚÑIGA, Ysrael (+65')
#16 SUAREZ, Freddy
#17 PINILLOS RIOJA, German (+71')
#18 SAENZ, Waldir


2nd minute - Peru shot high.
5th minute - Reyna shot from 22 yards is on goal. Saved easily by Peruvian 'keeper.
5th minute - Jones cross to Lewis sails through box untouched.
8th minute - Peru shot wide right from 25 yards.
10th minute - Long pass downfield finds Lewis in left side of penalty area. His cross to the far post is redirected by Wynalda, but is wide and right.
12th minute - Jones through ball to McBride in penalty area. McBride slides to reach ball and touches it, wide right.
12th minute - Peru shot directly at Friedel from 15 yards. Saved.
15th minute - U.S. shot by Vanney, header high.
20th minute - U.S. corner cleared, second attempt deflected wide for corner.
21st minute - U.S. corner, headed out for third successive corner.
21st minute - Third corner caught by keeper. McBride called for foul on keeper while attempting to beat him to the ball.
23rd minute - Peru cross easily coralled by Friedel.
23rd minute - Lewis cross from left, sails across box. Peru granted throw-in.
34th minute - Deep in U.S. defense, Lewis gives up corner to Peru with poor clearance.
34th minute - Peru corner is cleared without a shot.
35th minute - Peru low cross through box from right side goes diagonally through area and out.
36th minute - Peru cross from the left volley out by Vanney.
38th minute - Peru pass from top of box one-hopped to player at far post, attempted back-heel is unsuccessful. U.S. goal kick.
42nd minute - Shot wide left by Peru from 25 yards, opportunity arose from a series of passes outside of area.
43rd minute - Peru, still pressing forward. Shot from 30 deflected by U.S. defender at top of box, saved easily by Friedel.
45th minute - McBride cautioned for foul near midfield.
Stats (U.S./Peru): Shots - 5/5; Saves - 2/1; Corners - 4/1; Fouls - 9/9; Offsides - 1/0.


46th minute - The second half has begun.
Halftime substitutions: None.
48th minute - Peru free kick on right side, about 20 yards from goal. Sent just wide of far post with powerful shot. The shot had Friedel beat but was barely wide left.
50th minute - McBride fouled in midfield. Juan Jayo cautioned.
52nd minute - Peru cross cleared by defender.
55th minute - U.S. corner sent to near post, but cleared out for another corner.
55th minute - Second U.S. corner headed wide right by McBride.
56th minute - Peru pass played through U.S. defense but controlled by Friedel.
58th minute - U.S. cross headed out for corner.
58th minute - Resulting corner headed high, then cleared.
59th minute - Lewis coming down left side, stops at edge of box, crosses to center of box in path of Jones who leaps and heads the ball past 'keeper, giving U.S. a one-goal lead. Jones is the first player to score in three consecutive games since 1972. This gives him 11 career goals in 123 games.
62nd minute - U.S. corner, again headed high, then cleared.
65th minute - Peru substitution: ZÚÑIGA in for SALAZAR ORBE.
67th minute - Peru cross sent into middle of box from right, headed to left, third player hit shot off header, saved by Friedel. (Peru's first shot of half.)
70th minute - Jones suffers foul on right edge of penalty area. Free kick results in shot high.
71st minute - Peru sub: PINILLOS RIOJA in, HOLSEN out.
72nd minute - U.S. substitution: C.J. Brown replaces Wynalda.
75th minute - Rocketed Peru shot from 20 yards is blocked by Friedel and a defender clears the rebound.

Last update: 76th minute.