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Rapinoe's 'Do is Hair-Raising

With some extra time during the USA’s extended training camp in Los Angeles, we decided to interview one of the breakout personalities of the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup. That’s right -- we’re talking about Blond Ambition herself -- Megan Rapinoe’s Hair. The spikey blond coif gained tremendous notoriety during the tournament in Germany, taking on a life of its own and even inspiring Nike to produce a t-shirt with its likeness on it. The star U.S. midfielder was too busy to chat with us due to her intense training schedule, but her Hair was kind enough to answer 11 Questions for Do you ever sense any jealousy, or is it awe, from the hair of any opponents?
Rapinoe’s Hair: “I think it’s more awe, and I think I’m the reason why Megan is able to play well. I do the distracting, as opponents clearly stare at me during matches while Megan runs by them. It’s a one-two punch.” Being that you are now a celebrity hair-do, what other celebrity hair do you admire?
RH: “David Beckham, of course. We often trade hair secrets via BBM. David’s Hair has been setting trends for a long time, and I can only hope to have his Hair’s staying power and versatility.” Just how much product do you need for maximum “spikage” on game day?
RH: “Truth be told, it’s not that much. People have misconceptions that Megan uses a lot on me. It’s more about the post-shower blow dry than the quantity of product. There, one of my secrets is out.” Headers: Like ’em or hate ’em?
RH: “Headers do provide a great photo op for the hair, but it sometimes impacts my volume. Still, I know Megan has to head in the game or Pia will get mad at her. Therefore, as a compromise I’ve come to with Megan, if she heads a ball, she must re-fluff me as soon as possible.” How did you react when you found out you would be on a Nike t-shirt?
RH: “Well first, I said to myself, it’s about time. But of course, I was very honored as well. The t-shirt allowed people who aren’t blessed with hair this good to at least wear it on a t-shirt. Case in point: Megan’s road roommate, Lori Lindsey.” What do you think of Megan Rapinoe’s talents as a soccer player?
RH: “Seeing as though I have a bird’s eye view of all her soccer skills, and it’s the best seat in the house, I am going to say I really enjoying being able to bounce around defenders and wave at them as we go by.” Ever thought about ditching the blond and going with another color, like blue or pink?
RH: “No!” We know that Megan’s foot passed the ball to Abby’s head against Brazil, but do you feel like you contributed to the goal?
RH: “Well, like many fans who were jumping up and down in their living rooms, I too was jumping up and down on top of Megan’s head, screaming ‘Abby’s open! Abby’s open! Kick it to Abby! Kick it to Abby! You know she’s clutch!’ So, I will take the majority of credit for that goal.” It seems like everyone always just wants to pat you. Thoughts on that?
RH: “Are you allowed to touch the artwork in the Louvre? I think not.” What teammates’ hair is in your class?
RH: “Well, there’s a lot of great hair on the team that just doesn’t get the props it deserves. Lauren Cheney: Bouncy, curly, spunky, but sophisticated. Tobin Heath: Natural beauty, I just got out of the ocean and I still look good. Ali Krieger: All business on the field with a tight bun, but brunette bombshell off the field. Buehler/Rampone: Our resident gingers, always a good thing.” Is there any truth to the rumors that you have been seeing Stu Holden’s hair?
RH: “I think Stu’s Hair is fantastic, but I will have to refer you to my publicist on that.”