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D3 Pro League Renamed Pro Select League

TAMPA, Fla. (Tuesday, December 17, 2002) – United Soccer Leagues announced today the renaming of the D3 Pro League to Pro Select League as it enters its ninth year of play.

“This league was ready for a name change,” said Executive Director and COO Dave Askinas.  “Team owners and USL executives were in agreement that the generic sounding D3 name needed to be revamped.  Pro Select is a better description of the exciting brand of professional soccer being offered in this league.”

The Pro Select League name, in part, dates back to the Pro and Select monikers used in 1996 when USL’s third division was split into two tiers (Pro and Select Leagues) with the anticipation of the Select League receiving Division II status the following year. The Select League was subsequently replaced the following year by the addition of the Second Division A-League (American Professional Soccer League), which had operated independently since 1990.

With the addition of the A-League in 1997, USL rebranded its other two men’s leagues. The Pro League was renamed D3 Pro League to be representative of its Third Division status and the Premier League was redubbed Premier Development Soccer League, reflecting its position as North America’s top developmental soccer league. The PDSL simplified its name to Premier Development League as United Systems of Independent Soccer Leagues (USISL), as it was then known, became USL in 1999.

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