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In 3's w/U-17 WNT forward Victoria DiMartino

Soccer and Traveling
You’ve been on a few international trips with the U.S. U-16 and U-17 Women’s National Teams. Best roommate on the road: Alexis Harris, Taylor Vancil or Kelsey Wys?
Victoria DiMartino: “Kelsey Wys. She let’s me shower first every time and she brings my clothes out. I like to know that I don’t need to run up and call for a shower.”

Best pre-game ritual: sleeping, listening to music or just relaxing?
DiMartino: “Relaxing, I would have to say.”

Superstitions on day of game: Have one, have more than one or don’t have any?
DiMartino: “I have a lot. I always, before I leave the hotel, put my bigger shinguard on my left foot and then the smaller one on my right, and I hold my cleats in my hand. Then, before the game, I take off all my jewelry.”

Hottest soccer player: Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham or Carlos Bocanegra?
DiMartino: “I would have to go with Beckham. Ronaldo and Beckham are both my favorite, so this is a hard one, actually. I like Beckham, but, in his younger pictures. When he was not good looking until he came to the States and a little before that. But Cristiano, he’s good looking now, but in soccer I don’t think his face expressions are pretty.”

Best National Team training camp location: New Jersey, Florida or California?
DiMartino: “I’d have to go with Florida. It’s not too close and it’s not too far. Sometimes pro teams are there. We got to watch a Canadian team play and we play soccer tennis there, too. California is too long of a flight.”

Sister you could beat one-on-one: Tina, Gina or Jaclyn?
DiMartino: “Probably my little sister (Jaclyn). Whenever I go against my older sisters, I lose, so I like to go against my little sister to get my confidence up, but she’s right there with me.”

Favorite way to eat swordfish: fried, grilled or steamed?
DiMartino: “Grilled.”

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The U.S. Under-17 Women’s National Team has enjoyed swordfish every day at the team hotel in Port of Spain, Trinidad.)

Best island you’ve been to: Long Island, New Zealand or Trinidad?
DiMartino: “New Zealand. It was beautiful. The air was so fresh and everything is so beautiful around it, the surroundings and the ocean. It was nice.”

Long Island and New York
Best New York sports team: New York Yankees, New York Red Bulls, New York Nets?
DiMartino: “The Red Bulls. I like the (Boston) Celtics and I like the Mets, so I’d have to go with the Red Bulls.”

Most famous Massapequa Park resident: Phil Baroni, Carlo Gambino or John A. Gotti?
DiMartino: “John A. Gotti. I didn’t know that he lived there but I know of him.”

Creepiest Long Island legend: Lake Ronkonkoma, Mary Hatchet or Mary’s Grave?
DiMartino: “Lake Ronkonkoma. I don’t know the legend, but my aunt lives there and, whenever I go there, it’s creepy. If you see the lake, even the surroundings, it’s weird.”

Favorite type of non-American food: Mexican, Italian or Chinese?
DiMartino: “Probably, Italian. I’m from an Italian family and my parents cook 24/7.”

Let’s say one of your National Team teammates is going to visit New York. What is the best tourist attraction: Central Park, Times Square or the Statue of Liberty?
DiMartino: “Times Square. There’s a variety of people, vendors. You can see everything. You could see ESPNZone and you can see the Statue of Liberty but it’s just cool being in an atmosphere with different surroundings that people aren’t normally used to.”

Popular Culture
Reality show you’d like most to be on: “Survivor,” “The Hills” or “American Idol”?
DiMartino: “The Hills. That’s my ultimate, I want to go there and meet everybody. I love that show.

The Hills person you’d most like to meet: Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge or Heidi Montag?
DiMartino: “Lauren. I don’t like Heidi. People tell me it’s fake, but it doesn’t appear fake to me. I think it’s real. I like Lauren.”

Best ice cream store: Cold Stone, Carvel Ice Cream or TCBY?
DiMartino: “Cold Stone. I usually get it on the weekends all the time. My favorite flavor is cake batter without the hot fudge.”

Best Spongebob Square Pants character: Sponge Bob, Patrick or Sandy?
DiMartino: “Patrick. Me and my little sister laugh about it all the time. That’s our favorite show. We watch it together.”

Best recent Brad Pitt movie: Fight Club, any of the Ocean’s movies (XI, XII & XIII), Troy?
DiMartino: “I didn’t see any of them, so I don’t know. I saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith. That was my favorite one he was in. That’s why I love him.”

Angelina Jolie: cool, trashy or disturbed?
DiMartino: “She’s okay. I like Jennifer (Aniston) better with him. But, I guess, the adopting kids and everything, it’s cool. They’re fine for each other but I just prefer Jen.”

Best flavor ice cream: chocolate, vanilla or strawberry?
DiMartino: “It depends. Not so much chocolate, but probably vanilla.”

Cutest Jonas brother: Kevin, Nick or Joe?
DiMartino: “Joe, I think. Is that the one with the curly hair?”