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Post Game Quote Sheet: June 6, 1999

PORTLAND, Ore. (Sunday, June 6, 1999) -

TONY DiCICCOU.S. Women's National Team head coach

On the game...
"Our marking wasn't good enough, our heading and getting to the ball wasn't good enough. We played very well in a lot of aspects of the game. But again, we gave them enough so it was 2-2 at one point. We don't want to let teams get to that point against us.

"It was a very good tune-up game, better than I thought it would be. It made us realize that some aspects of our game will have to be better.

"That's the first goal we've given up since the China game, I think. These are World Cup teams. Silvana Burtini and Charmaine Hooper are great players. Those were both savable goals, though."

MIA HAMMU.S. Women's National Team forward

On Canada's surprising early goal...
"We had a couple of good opportunities before then (Canada's first goal), but you always want the momentum - you don't want it to shift too much, too early. Our first goal gave us our edge back and got the crowd back into it. That helped us a lot.

"They did a good job of disrupting us from the beginning. They played a very distinct style and won a lot of first and second balls, which we didn't do.

"It starts up front. We didn't put enough pressure on their service. When you pressure it's easier to pick out players and play better defense.

"We left ourselves isolated one-v-one, and with Millie and CP (Tiffeny Milbrett and Cindy Parlow) up there we can stretch defenses and we were doing a really good job of hitting our outlets - finding the open players in the box.

"The goals we scored were very good goals. I give credit to our defense and midfield. We did a better job of organizing in the second half."

BRIANA SCURRYU.S. Women's National Team goalkeeper

On Canada's first goal...
"I wasn't really expecting that girl there because I lost that first ball. She pretty much ended up with a free header and put it away."

TIFFENY MILBRETTU.S. Women's National Team forward

On the crowd...
"This crowd is getting geared up for Women's World Cup. We felt their intensity today.

"The Women's World Cup is going to be similar to the Olympics, it is a world class event. It will be the toughest competition for us ever. But that's what we live for... the competition."

On scoring a goal today...
"The goal is a bonus, the key is that we attacked well as a team and are getting better as the tournament gets closer."

On the teams to beat in Women's World Cup play...
"I'm most impressed with the Chinese, they have incredible organization and composure, which was evident when they beat us earlier. Brazil is also a talented team, and on any given day can be very tough to handle."

KRISTINE LILLYU.S. Women's National Team midfielder

On the game...
"This was a good game for us. We got caught twice and went down a goal. That was good for us. Not that we necessarily want to be in that situation. We finished with four great goals and they were great finishes for us."

On the team's defensive vulnerability...
"No, if you look at the second goal, Carla had her marked inside. I could have had better coverage there, but what she (Hooper) did with the ball was a great attack. It was a great goal."

On the Women's World Cup...
"We really want to reach the people that don't know much about soccer and haven't played before and haven't really watched it. I think it's going to bring awareness to that group of people."