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U.S.-England Post-Match Quote Sheet

Post-Game Quote Sheet
May 28, 2005

General comments on the game:
"I thought it was a good game. I was pleased with our team's effort for the second half. Not that it was a bad effort in the first half, but I think the English team did an outstanding job for 45 minutes in the first half with their concentration and their ability to hang in on every play and make a difference. Their two goals they scored were opportunistic and intelligent plays. I told our guys at the end of the game that players like Alan Smith and Joe Cole, you appreciate them a lot more when you are on the field with them and see the plays they pull off for their team."

"Overall a good experience and I hope it was a good show for people in the stands. I think it was positive for the game in this country to bring such a good team in here and have a good game."

On playing England:
"I thought Alan Smith was absolutely outstanding in the first half, keeping balls alive for his team. It makes a difference in a hard-fought game and I think there is a lesson well learned for our domestic players that aren't in the kind of game that the English players are in week-in and week-out. It was a good experience for some our young guys like Clint Dempsey, Landon Donovan, etc. So, I think that was a plus."

On coming back in the second half:
"The guys showed great character in the second half because they could have really embarrassed themselves and they hung in there, they showed some pride and they fought. They were in there until the end and that's what I want to see out of them. Going down 2-0 is likely that the second half could be real difficult and they came back and did a good job."

On Josh Wolff:
"I thought Josh did well. I told him after the game that he was in position to make the last pass or have a better look at the goal in the technical aspect. He was a bit of a handful … Josh showed today that he's a guy we've got to keep in consideration."

CLINT DEMPSEY, U.S. midfielder
On his goal:
“It was just a rebound and I just tried to put it on goal. I was lucky enough to win it. It feels good.”

On playing England:
“It was a great experience. They have a lot of players in the EPL and it was a good game for some of our players to gauge where we were. We came out a little tentative, but we had a lot of spurts of good play. We played well at times and put them on their heels a little bit in the second half trying to get the equalizer. It was a fun game for us, but it was just a game to sharpen us up for the qualifiers and that’s the most important thing right now – qualifying for the World Cup.”

On facing Costa Rica in the upcoming qualifier:
“I really haven’t gotten to see them play that much. We’ve just been taking it one game at a time. This week we prepared for England, this up coming week we will prepare for Costa Rica.”

On their chances to advance to the World Cup:
“Right now, we are in a good spot. If we get these two wins, we will be sitting nice and that will take a little bit of the pressure off of us in qualifying. So, hopefully we can do it.”

LANDON DONOVAN, U.S. midfielder
On the game:
“It was very fast. We played very well for 70-80 minutes, but they had chances that they scored on and we didn’t. It was a good game and now we can prepare for Costa Rica next week.”

On pressuring them in the second half:
“When you are losing 2-0, you have to be more aggressive. I wish that we would have started the game like that and not just the second half. It was good, but it wasn’t enough.”

JOSH WOLFF, U.S. forward
On his role on the team:
"As long as I’ve been healthy the last five years, I’ve fit in with the national team. That doesn’t mean you’re playing every day, but when you get your chances, you have to show well and show that you belong. Today was a day when I was pretty happy with it, but then again I’d like to score some goals, that’s what you’re supposed to do."

On the final touch letting him and his teammates down today as opposed to England:
"Yeah sometimes, being around the goal and having some patience. England didn’t have many opportunities but they made them count. I think in the end, that’s something that Bruce will definitely bring to our attention."

On playing with some of the big names in English soccer:
"The idea is that we’re competing against some of the best in the world and we belong on the field with them. We need to take the proper mind set and not be as intimidated, and I think we had a little bit of that early on, but as the game went on, I think we did a little better. They’re soccer players, they put their shoes on, they play on the same field, and you’ve just got to get on with it. It’s an opportunity to play against some good players. In the end, we did pretty well."

On comparing the strikers from this team versus those in the last World Cup:
"If you look back at the last World Cup and you had [Brian] McBride, Landon Donovan, myself, Clint Mathis, Joe Max Moore, those are still good strikers. Some newer faces I’d say maybe, but the depth is coming … Obviously, domestically our forwards have been pretty strong. Competition makes your team better and that’s something Bruce emphasizes every day. It’s a work in progress, and you want to put yourself in a good spot for ’06."

On the two teams not playing with their full compliment of players:
"It’s hard to say if we had our full compliment of guys what the game would have looked like, just like they would say that they didn’t have all their guys. In the end, it’s about the personnel that you have on the field on that day, and I think we did enough to get a better result than we did. In the end, they finished their chances and did better than we did."

On being disappointed in not being able to capitalize on the youth of England’s lineup today:
"Absolutely. If you look at the numbers, we probably had the better of the opportunities and obviously the better of the play in the second half. We just didn’t take care of it in the final third [of the field]. Again, I’d say these guys [England], the atmosphere and the pressure they’re under every week maybe helps them be a little more collected in front of goal. They showed some pretty savvy finishing in the end."

On not being injured:
"I’d never wish it upon anyone but it does happen and you have to deal with it when it comes. Like I said about not getting too low in the lows and high in the highs. They [injuries] can come at any time, so be grateful and try to make the most of your opportunities because in a flash it could be put on hold."


SOL CAMPBELL, England defender
On the team’s overall performance:
"The pitch didn’t really help, it was unbelievable with so many potholes. But yeah it was a good result. Everyone played well, stuck to the task and it was a great performance."

On his injury (to his left ankle):
"I twisted my ankle."

On his status for Tuesday:
"I’m going to have an MRI scan on Monday and we’ll see."

On if the ligaments may be damaged:
"Hopefully not, we’ll have to wait and see."

On when it occurred:
"It was in the first two minutes."

On his ability to play through it:
"I couldn’t really do what I wanted to do, but other than that I kind of played through it."

On the play of Kieran Richardson (who scored twice in his first appearance for England):
"It was a shame he had to come off, he could have made history."

On the atmosphere:
"Yeah, it was fantastic for the fans. It was great for them to come over and see England win. It’s great for us."