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Quote Sheet: U.S. WNT Previews Semifinal Clash Against France

U.S. Women's National Team Head Coach PIA SUNDHAGE
On the upcoming match against France:
“We enjoyed the last game but today we focused on France. We've done our homework and talked to our scouts. Right now we feel prepared for the game tomorrow.”

On the team's mood before the semifinal:
“After the game against Brazil there was so much energy. You have to look at that in a positive way because I hope we can use that energy tomorrow. At the same time we played many minutes. The fact that we won that game gave us a lot of confidence and hopefully we can bring that out tomorrow.”

On the fitness of both teams after each playing 120 minutes in the quarterfinal:
“We're talking about fitness but I don't think we'll be talking about that after the game. It's more about technique and tactical stuff. Both teams are fit enough to play many minutes.”

On France and the keys to tomorrow's games:
“First of all, they're a good team. They're a technical team with some good individual players as well. For us it's very important that we are patient. We need to pick up the rhytthym and dictate the tempo. That means we need the midfield to be involved as much as possible. We don't want the game to be stretched and we don't want to make it a fight or a battle. We need to be smart, be patient and make the right decision out there.”

U.S. Women's National Team midfielder SHANNON BOXX
On what the team can transfer from the match against Brazil to the semifinal with France:
“[We can draw on] those emotions and that character we had to play to the end. We used those emotions for the better. We didn't get down on each other, we stayed motivated and positive. We communicated out there because we were a man down. Those are the things we can move onto France because it's going to be no different. It's going to be a tough game.”

On what to expect from France and the game Wednesday night:
“France haven't been in this position before and you can exepect they will have a lot of nerves. They're also a team that puts pressure on you. They're fit and they attack you defensively. They come up and pressure you and we have to be ready for that. We have to be able to move the ball enough so they maybe step in too fast and we can get around them.”

On France being a technical team:
“They're a technical team too and we need to know they may have possession at moments in the game. We need to be OK with that, stay compact defensively and when we have our opportunities attack with numbers and get a good amount of quality opportunities.”

On the type of leadership she shows as a veteran player:
“The character I have on the field is what I communicate to my teammates. If i get into a hard tackle, if i'm screaming and into the game I think that kind of motivates the players around me. I show more by example then by voicing things.”

On the transition from Sunday's game against Brazil to the semifinal against France:
“That was the craziest game I think any of us have ever been a part of. Emotionaly we have to be proud of what we did, but then put that behind us for the France game and try to not get too high or too low. We'll go into France prepared physically and mentally.”

On looking the preparation for the match on Wednesday:
“Our team has so much experience and we do such a great job with ice baths and recovering our legs. The most important thing is mental preparation right now and emotionally getting off our high. We're excited about what we did but it was only the quarterfinals and we still have two games to go.”

On the team's excitement to take the field again:
“You can feel the energy from all of us. We're excited to practice today in the stadium annd we're excited to play tomorrow. You can just feel it from everybody. We're still amped up from that game but excited for the next one.”

U.S. WNT Defender and Captain CHRISTIE RAMPONE
On moving from the dramatic win to the semifinal against France:
“It's unbelievable and I'm speechless about how that game went. It was amazing and the best game I've ever been a part of. But we had a team meeting last night, told all our great stories, and now it's on to France. Today the focus is going out to training, getting prepared for France, having a good meeting tonight, a good night's sleep and then it's game day.”

On how her experience helps the team transition to the next game:
“Experience is always pretty good. You let everybody know to enjoy that victory, feel that emotion and you have to make sure you're prepared for the next game. It's on to France now and it's focusing remembering those little moments but not letting it take over. We need to get our legs back, get that emotion and have fresh legs to go after France. What I bring to the team is that sense of calmness, composure and making sure the emotions stay in check. We need the momentum in this next game.”

On how the team will prepare for the game against France:
“We need to set the tone right from the start. Right from the very beginning I thought we came out great against Brazil and scored that early goal. This is the same thing; we have to go after France. They're a great team,we respect them tremendously and we know some of their players that play in the WPS. We have to go after this game and finish this whole tournament off.”

On putting the win against Brazil behind them:
“I think it's good to keep that confidence and excitement up. Last night we had a good storytelling circle with all the coaches and players. We got all the excitement out of us, told our stories and today we're ready to move on to France.”

On the physical and emotional preparation for France:
“We do have one less day than we've had between the past few games in this tournament. It's important to stay relaxed and get our recovery strategies down. We need to get the ice baths in and do whatever we need to do. Today it's all about preparing for France. We want  to keep the confidence we had in the last game but kind of move forward and start thinking about just France now.”

On the reception back home in the states:
“I've gotten a lot of Twitter and facebook requests, emails and text messages. My family and friends have always been behind me, supporting me but now I feel like the entire country is behind us and supporting us. You can see that throughout the media, all the newspapers and everything.”

On the strength of the squad:
“All 21 players do matter and do count; it showed on Sunday. Everyone on the bench or on the field was up and screaming. We definitely need everyone and it's helped us go througout the tournament. There are a lot of games and we are going to play more than 90 minutes. We need everyone.”