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Best Gift You've Ever Given

Everyone loves holidays, including your favorite U.S. Soccer players and coaches. So much so, we created this section to provide you with anything and everything they’d like to share, whether it be a turkey recipe for Thanksgiving, a step-by-step guide on how to plant a tree on Arbor Day or just a heart-warming Valentine’s Day story.

This month is the season of giving, so we figured we’d find out what creative presents our national team players have come up with over the years. We asked them to tell us what was the best gift they’ve ever given to someone, whether it was for Christmas, a birthday, Mother’s Day…or just because!

Hope Solo
Goalkeeper, U.S. Women’s National Team
"It was a time-consuming project, not something that was really expensive. It was a huge scrapbook for a friend, filled with pictures and stickers and all sorts of fun stuff from all the things we did together. The best part about it is that I'm not a very creative artistic person, but somehow I did a really good job on it."

Josh Wolff
Forward, U.S. Men’s National Team

"Our cousins, Kelley and Jerald, were adopting a baby boy, Nikolas, from Russia. For Christmas we gave them three first-class tickets so they could all travel back together as a family."

Lindsay Tarpley
Midfielder, U.S. Women’s National Team

“It was a story book of action pictures from the 2004 Olympics for my parents. I dedicated it to them for all their support over the years and wrote a little message in front of the book. It was definitely emotional and they both cried.”

Benny Feilhaber
Midfielder, U.S. Men’s National Team

“When my sister and I were around three and four years old, we made a birthday tape for my mom, singing her happy birthday, in Portuguese, and other little kids songs.”

Chris Albright
Defender, U.S. Men’s National Team

"I got my little sister shoulder pads because she wanted to play on the boys' football team. She was a kicker, and actually made a couple field goals."

Steve Cherundolo
Defender, U.S. Men’s National Team

“When I was in high school, I made my mom a hand thrown porcelain vase. At the time, I was very proud of myself.”

Stephanie Lopez
Defender, U.S. Women’s National Team, U.S. U-21s, U.S. U-20s

“I made my dad a collage of pictures of the two of us from my childhood through high school and college. It was in small frame and he loved it. I also used to make my parents bed and leave them letters on the pillow that I had written to them. To me, the best gifts are those that come from the heart and sometimes making something is more heartfelt than buying something.”

Danielle Fotopoulos
Forward, U.S. Women’s National Team
“When I got pregnant with my son Will in 2003, that December my husband George and I hadn’t told anyone yet. So we put the copies of the ultrasound in all of my family’s stockings at Christmas with the note, “Whose is this?” No one could figure out who in my family was pregnant! But I think our faces gave it away.”

Tim Ward
Defender, U.S. U-20 Men’s National Team
“For the past couple years I’ve been able to give my brother a bunch of the gear I receive on trips and don’t end up wearing. He loves getting the clothes and it saves me looking for a gift, so maybe not the best gift ever, but it works out pretty well.”

Heath Pearce
Defender, U.S. Men’s National Team

“I actually got my girlfriend a car. She has done a lot for me and deserved it. I would have to say that’s the best gift I have ever given hands down. Plus, I can use it whenever I want and she can’t really argue.”

Marvell Wynne
Defender, U.S. U-20 Men’s National Team

“A digital camera photo printer that I gave to my mom. She loves it. It was what she was going to get, but I surprised her with it.”

Jeremy Hall
Midfielder, U.S. U-17 Men’s National Team

“Back in elementary school we used to make Christmas ornaments which I gave to my mom. I remember in second grade I made a little train out of candy, with Herseys kisses. That was a good gift. My mom didn’t know I could do that, so she was astonished (laughing).”

Jimmy Conrad
Defender, U.S. Men’s National Team
"When I was 12, I bought my little brother a Nerf hoop. He was much younger than me, so I would dominate him every time we played with scores like 48-2. Sometimes I would shut him out completely. Easily the best gift I ever gave anyone. Ever.”

Eric Lichaj
Defender, U.S. U-17 Men’s National Team
“I made my mom breakfast in bed for Mother’s day. We have four guys in our family with my three brothers and my dad. We got up and make eggs, toast, sausage, bacon, the whole thing. Then we cooked lunch and went out for dinner, too.”