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Memories of Mooch: Oct. 11


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Mooch Myernick Memorial Fund

MNT Asst. Glenn Myernick Passes Away

Glenn "Mooch" Myernick


“He was an unbelievable husband and father, and the finest soccer person I've ever come across in the United States. He was an amazing resource for soccer in this country. He will be sorely missed."

- Former U.S. MNT Manager Bruce Arena

October 11, 2006

I was one of the fortunate ones to have Mooch as a JV coach at Hartwick (1988-92). I remember Travis and Kelly as young kids. My favorite memory happened at half time of a JV game. I had missed two scoring opportunities inside the six in the first half. After the whistle blew to end the first half, Mooch yells out to me: "Boguerman! Go get the ball out of the net," so I did. I turn around and Mooch then says, "Now kick it in the goal!" I did so with an embarrassed grin on my face. Mooch then shouts out "That’s how you finish, now lets see if we can do that in the second half." I ended up scoring two goals in the second half.

Mooch's loss has hit me hard. Words can’t do him justice. I looked up to him as a fellow coach and strived to be as intense and as successful as he was. But most of all, I try on a daily basis to be as fair and as open of a coach to all of my players as he was to me when I was his player. I am so saddened by his passing. The U.S Soccer community and the Hartwick family have lost a great man and a great inspiration to the game. Mooch, you will be missed!

Billy Bogue "Boguerman"
Hartwick 1988-92
Shaker Boys Varsity Soccer Coach
Latham, NY


Mooch and I have been friends for over 25 years. After retiring from professional soccer, his first coaching job was being my assistant at the University of Tampa. We couldn't pay him much so he moonlighted as the wine steward at the five star restaurant Bern's Steakhouse! Talk about the fox in the henhouse! Since those early days we had many opportunities to experience our love for the game of soccer together. Together we coached national teams, conducted symposiums, coaching schools and attended any function that had to do with the advancement of soccer.

Why I was given the opportunity to have so many memories with Glenn, I don't know. I was blessed to be in his presence. He was the ultimate friend: caring, interested, supportive, honest and above all, absolutely hilarious. He enjoyed his jokes more than anyone else. It is hard to imagine soccer in the U.S. without Glenn Myernick. He was the history and the future of soccer rolled into one man. If you assembled 200 U.S. Soccer people in one room and asked them, "Were you a close friend with Glenn?"....all hands would go up.

As a life long coach, I am in the people business. I have met thousands. A few stand out. His influence on me and soccer will only grow. A husband, father, colleague and friend, he was one of the best.

A friend of Mooch,

Jay Miller


To Glenn's family, his wife and children, from our small but beautiful country of Uruguay, we send our most sincere sympathy wishes for whom in life was an extraordinary human being and a great soccer professional.

To the Colorado Rapids (Fernando Clavijo and Marcelo Balboa), to MLS and U.S. Soccer, our deepest sympathy for such a great loss.

Jorge Balboa and Family
Montevideo, Uruguay


It was 1973 and I was 11 years old. One day my dad asked me if I would like to go to work with him, as I often did when I was off from school. That day in 1973 was even more special because Mooch was working as a laborer for my father for the summer on a construction site. My dad would come home from work and tell our family how many times Mooch would juggle a soccer ball during his lunch break in his work boots!. Being a young student of the game I knew I could not miss Mooch juggle in work boots on a construction site.

Mooch would go on to teach myself and other local players at the Bronco Soccer Camp and build a larger following. The greatest memory of all came when Mooch led Hartwick to the NCAA finals and then became Captain of U.S. National Team.

By 1978 Mooch and least six or more local players were drafted by teams in the North American Soccer League, compelling NASL Magazine to alter a photo of the local ‘Trenton Makes The World, Takes Bridge’ to read ‘Trenton Makes, The NASL Takes’.

Trenton lost one of our greatest icons of the game and Mooch will be sorely missed, but his legacy will carry on for generations to come.

Thank you Mooch for all your inspiration and fond memories. I hope one day we meet again. On behalf of the entire Tessein family, my sincerest sympathy to the Myernick family.

Ernie Tessein
Trenton, NJ


Dear Myernick family,

My sincere condolences and prayers are with you at this time. The friendship and camaraderie that I developed with Mooch while playing with him during the 70's on the MNT will be years that I will never forget. His love of life and love of soccer had an impact on all who met him. He possessed those character traits that become role models for both players and coaches alike.
I am saddened at his passing. The soccer community has truly lost a first class person.

Al Trost
St. Louis
Friend and Teammate of Mooch, MNT



I will miss you buddy. As a coach, friend, mentor and role model, your impact on my life, both on and off the field, was more than I'm sure you realized. The "Myernick scowl," the toothy moustache grin, the laughing at your own jokes (which made us ALL laugh) brings a smile to my face just thinking about it. And that is just the G-rated stuff. I'm sure there are hundreds and hundreds of people with similar memories.

I can see you up there right now driving lazers with Bobby Moore, George Best and others...."Come on, best of five, who can hit the crossbar from 60 yards; six-pack for the winner!..."

Rest in Peace...

Hartwick College '91


"Mooch" was from my hometown of Trenton, NJ. I played for Steinert HS in Hamilton, a rival of Mooch's Lawrence High. Although he was at Hartwick when I played for SHS, Mooch was an icon to us playing at home. I played the game through college because of pioneers like Mooch. He will be sorely missed, and his family should know his example spurred on many of us from N.J. to continue playing. I still coach today because of the passion instilled in us by players/coaches like Mooch. God Bless you all.

Kevin Haney
Steinert High School '77
Commander, United States Navy
US Naval Academy '81


Where do I start? Growing up in Hamilton Square, N.J., not many people would not have heard the name Mooch Myernick. I cannot remember a time in my life when Mooch's name was not a part of my life's memories.
My brother Art and Mooch were real good friends, from pick-up soccer, to playing for the Extension Diner to the Hartwick soccer team. Our parents traveled to and from Hartwick together and as a small child, I tagged along. I watched them play soccer weekend after weekend, and year after year. I watched them laugh and cry as well. They would eat all my mom’s food in our fridge and drink all of the milk. It was just a part of my childhood. I was just as excited to see and watch him play as my brother.

As a little girl hanging out with the big boys, he treated me the same, if not better, than my brother would -sometimes I’m not sure if that was a good thing or bad! I learned a lot about soccer and a lot about life from him.

I am so deeply saddened at his passing away. My heart is broken at this, and for sure I send my total love and support to his family and friends at this time and forever. He will surely be missed.

With much Love and Sadness,

Teri (Napolitano) Banks - Clermont, Florida


We were playing our arch rival Notre Dame High School - maybe the last game of the season. I was the second to last player off the bench. I get in the game and I notice that my dad, for the first time, is on the sidelines watching the game. Mooch had put on a dazzling performance, scoring at least four goals (if my memory serves me correctly).

So I yell over to him, "Moochie, my dad's here, I need a goal!" A few minutes later, he
gets the ball and motions over to me to run down field with him towards the Notre Dame
goal, tricking four or five players along the way. He puts a final fake on the goalie, who dives wildly right, and Mooch taps the ball over to me as I stand five yards in front of a totally open goal and GOOOOOAAAALLLL- my first and only goal of my career.

No big surprise. That was just the kind of guy he was.

Pete "Tanglefoot" Kinney's memoir from 1969 Lawrence Junior High (undefeated) soccer

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