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U.S. U-19 WNT Get Ready For Costa Rica in Final Group B Match

U.S. Under-19 WNT
CONCACAF Qualifying Tournament
May 31, 2004 – Montreal, Canada

After two blowout performances against the Dominican Republic (14-0) and Trinidad & Tobago (11-1), the U.S. Under-19 WNT will face Costa Rica on Tuesday (June 1) at McGill University Stadium in Montreal in their final Group B match at the CONCACAF Qualifying Tournament. With both the U.S. and Costa Rica assured a spot in the semifinals, Tuesday’s match will determine who will win the group and be rewarded with the runner-up in Group A. A win or a tie would provide the U.S. with first place in Group B.  Kickoff is set for 7 p.m. ET and there is no American television, but fans can follow the match, and all the Under-19s matches in qualifying, live on’s MatchTracker, presented by Philips Electronics. Costa Rica defeated Trinidad & Tobago 4-1 in their opening match and then downed the Dominican Republic 11-0. 
Date        Opponent                   Result    U.S. Goal Scorers
May 28    Dominican Republic    14-0        Kia McNeill (4), Kerri Hanks (3), Megan Rapinoe (2),
                                                              Stephanie Kron, Yael Averbuch, Rachel Buehler, Alexa Orand, Stacy Lindstrom
May 30    Trinidad & Tobago    11-1           Kerri Hanks (3), Bristyn Davis (2), Yael Averbuch,
Woznuk,Rachel Buehler, Megan Rapinoe 
Date       Opponent               Venue                                      Kickoff
June 1    Costa Rica              McGill Univ. Molson Stadium     7 p.m. ET
June 4    Semifinals*              McGill Univ. Molson Stadium     5:30/8 p.m. ET
June 6    Third Place/Final*    Frank Clair Stadium                  10 a.m./1 p.m. ET
* if necessary

2004 CONCACAF U-19 Qualifying Tournament
Group A
Team         GP   W   L   T    PTS   GF   GA   GD
Canada        2     2    0    0      6       11     0    +11
Mexico       2      2    0    0      6       11     3     +8
Jamaica      2      0    2    0      0        2     10     -8
Panama       2     0    2    0      0         1     12    -11

Group B
Team            GP   W   L   T    PTS   GF   GA   GD
USA               2     2    0    0      6       25     1    +24
Costa Rica     2     2     0    0     6       15      1    +14
T&T               2     0    2    0      0        2      15   -13
Dom. Rep.     2     0     2    0     0         0      25   -25

2004 CONCACAF U-19 Qualifying Tournament
May 28
Group A
Mexico 5, Panama 1
Canada 4, Jamaica 0

Group B
Costa Rica 4, Trinidad & Tobago 1
USA 14, Dominican Republic 0   [Click here for the match report]

May 30
Group A
Mexico 6, Jamaica 2
Canada 7, Panama 0

Group B
Costa Rica 11, Dominican Republic 0
USA 11, Trinidad & Tobago 1    [Click here for the match report]

Head coach Mark Krikorian decided to have a day away from the soccer field this afternoon and give the players a chance to rest and recuperate before their final group match against Costa Rica. After a morning trip to a nearby pool for a short workout, the players ate lunch and some ventured down to the heart of the city to do some sightseeing and shopping, while others stayed back and slept or watched movies. Before dinner, the coaches conducted a meeting with the players to talk about the upcoming Costa Rica match, a vital meeting that will decide the winner of Group B.

Later in the evening, Megan Rapinoe pulled out her guitar and played a few songs for some of her teammates in the medical room. Players Stephanie Kron, Stephanie Logterman, Bristyn Davis, and Ashlyn Harris, along with trainer Sue Rowe and massage therapist Lynda Delk, listened in as Rapinoe wowed them with her harmonious rendition of Sheryl Crow’s “The First Cut is the Deepest.” After receiving a rousing round of applause from those in attendance, Kelsey Davis wandered over to see what the commotion was all about and before long was singing alongside Rapinoe as she moved onto another tune, enticing Rachel Buehler and Stacy Lindstrom into the room to check out the pseudo open-mic night. And while Kelsey wasn’t all that confident in her voice at first, she moved along smoothly and was cheered loudly for her efforts in the end.

Rachel Buehler may be across North America, far away from the libraries and scholarly buildings of Stanford University, but that doesn’t mean she can’t find some help with her chemistry studies. With finals still looming for Buehler (they don’t start until the first week in June), she decided to take advantage of the team's nearby location to McGill University and see if the college had anyone who would be able to tutor her for a couple hours. Well, it was supposed to be a couple hours anyway. Buehler used her head for more than just the two goals she’s scored in the U-19s first two games, as she and her tutor sat in the lobby of the team’s residence for a good 3-4 hours in the middle of the day going over atoms, gases, acids, bases, chemical bonding, polymers, the periodic table and even the quantum theory. Okay, maybe not all of that, but they were studying for a long time!


-- With Alexa Orand not getting the chance to step on the field against Trinidad & Tobago, Becky Sauerbrunn is the only player on the team that has played, and started, every international match for the U-19 WNT in 2004.

-- At least five players on Costa Rica’ U-19 squad have also spent some time with their full women’s national team. Goalkeeper Slivia Arias Briceno, defender Monica Salazar Carrillo, and midfielders Shirley Cruz Trana, Jennifer Jimenez Brown and Laura Sanchez Fernandez provide Costa Rica with a vast amount of experience most of the teams, including the USA, don't have at the highest competition in women’s soccer.

-- One of Costa Rica’s most important pieces, first-choice goalkeeper Silvia Arias Briceno, will be unable to play against the U.S. on Tuesday night as she received a red card in their first match against Trinidad & Tobago and was given a two game suspension. On the unnecessary and reckless foul, Arias came out of the box and clobbered a Trinidad forward after she had gotten rid of the ball. The player to be taken off the field on a stretcher and was unable to compete in T&T’s next match against the U.S.

-- Bristyn Davis’ two strikes against Trinidad & Tobago were her first international goals in 2004. Davis had played in three other international matches this year without recording a point during her 105 minutes of play. It wasn’t her first two-goal game of the year though, as she punched in two during the U-19s match against Colorado on March 13 at The Home Depot Center.  

-- The two own goals scored by T&T on Sunday night doubled the number of gifts the U.S. has received in the past two years. The only other own goal the U-19s received was against China on April 10, 2004, during the Philips Lighting Invitational at The Home Depot Center.

-- With her second hat trick in as many games on Sunday night, Kerri Hanks increased her team-leading international goal output in 2004 to eight goals. Kia McNeill sits in second place with four, all of which she scored in the U-19’s opening match against the Dominican Republic.

Leading U.S. Goal Scorers

Kerri Hanks – 6
Kia McNeill – 4
Megan Rapinoe – 3
Bristyn Davis – 2
Rachel Buehler – 2
Yael Averbuch – 2
Stacy Lindstrom – 1
Stephanie Kron – 1
Angie Woznuk – 1
Alexa Orand – 1

This is Costa Rica’s second consecutive trip to the CONCACAF U-19 Women’s Final Qualifying Tournament, as the Ticas also partook in the inaugural tournament in 2002 in Trinidad & Tobago. During qualification for this year’s final qualifying tournament, Costa Rica won their second straight Union Centroamericana de Futbol (UNCAF) U-19 championship, defeating the host Panama 5-3 in the final match of the four-team event in Ciudad de Panama in March. Three goals by Carolina Guarida and one each from Shirley Cruz and Karla Villalobos led the Costa Rica to the victory. So far in the 2004 CONCACAF U-19 Women’s Final Qualifying Tournament, Costa Rica has been dominant, defeating Trinidad & Tobago 4-1 and the Dominican Republic 11-0.  Below is the team’s roster.
GOALKEEPERS (2): 1-Silva Arias Briceno, 18-Yirlania Arroyo Fonseca; DEFENDERS (6): 2-Flora Aguilar Arias, 3-Vanesa Rojas Orue, 4-Daniela Serrut Castro, 5-Monica Salazar Carrillo, 7-Kandy Mendoza, 12-Betsy Bustos Narchena; MIDFIELDERS (7): 6-Marian Montes Molina, 8-Jocelyn Rio Gonzalez, 10-Shirley Cruz Trana, 13-Ivonne Rodriguez Valenzuela, 14-Jennifer Jiminez Brown, 15-Amanda Esquivel Flores, 17-Laura Sanchez Fernandez; FORWARDS (3): 16-Karla Villalobos Duran, 9-Amora Wilson Ruth, 11-Maciel Chacon Colaorzano.

Last Time(s) Out…

Costa Rica 4, Trinidad & Tobago 1
McGill University Molson Stadium; Montreal, Canada
May 28, 2004

Goals: CRC – Karla Villalobos (4th minute, 81st), Kandy Mendoza (19th), Amanda Esquivel (90th)
            TRI – Ahkeela Mollon (64th)

Starting Lineup:
CRC: 1-Silvia Arias; 5-Monica Salazar, 6-Miriam Montes, 7-Kandy Mendoza (80: 4-Daniela Serrut), 9-Amara Wilson (82: 15-Amanda Esquivel); 10-Shirley Cruz, 11-Maciel Chacon (86: 18-Yirlania Arroyo) 13-Ivonne Rodriguez, 14-Jennifer Jimenez; 16-Karla Villalobos, 17-Laura Sanchez.

Costa Rica 11, Dominican Republic 0
McGill University Molson Stadium; Montreal Canada
May 30, 2004

Goals: CRC – Karla Villalobos (2nd minute), Jocelyn Rio Gonzalez (9th), Maciel Chacon Calorzano (14th, 65th, 74th), Shirley Cruz Trana (37th, 60th), Amanda Eoqutuel Flores (58th), Amora Wilson Ruth (77th), Marian Montes Molina (87th), Ivonne Rodriguez Valenzuela (90th)

Starting Lineup:
18-Yirlania Arroyo Fonseca; 3-Vanessa Rojas Orue; 4-Daniela Serrut Castro; 5-Monica Salazar Carrillo (12-Betsy Bustos Narchena, 46); 6-Marian Montes Molina; 8-Jocelyn Rio Gonzalez; 10-Shirley Cruz Trana (14-Jennifer Jiminez Brown, 64); 11-Maciel Chacon Calorzano; 13-Ivonne Rodriguez Valenzuela; 15-Amanda Eoqutel Flores; 16-Karla Villalobos Duran (9-Amora Wilson Ruth, 56).
How They Got Here…

Union Centroamericana de Futbol (UNCAF) U-19 Championship

Costa Rica 6, El Salvador 0
March 24, 2004
Estadio Rommel Fernandez; Cuidad de Panama, Panama

Costa Rica 13, Nicaragua  0
March 26, 2004
Estadio Rommel Fernandez; Cuidad de Panama, Panama

Costa Rica 5, Panama 3
March 28, 2004
Estadio Rommel Fernandez; Cuidad de Panama, Panama