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ussoccer.com Presents ‘One Nation. One Team. 23 Stories.’ Series on USA’s 2014 FIFA World Cup Team

Get Inside Look at History, Lives and Experiences of 23 Players Representing USA in Brazil

CHICAGO (June 10, 2014) – The U.S. Men’s National Team is bound for Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and before the tournament gets underway, ussoccer.com is proud to present its “One Nation. One Team. 23 Stories.” series on the full roster representing the USA.

The series is an extensive and exclusive collection of videos, pictures, narratives and biographies with each player and produced by U.S. Soccer.

U.S. Men’s National Team Feature Pages:

Tim Howard

The series includes the following features on ussoccer.com:

‘My Story’ Video Series: Each player sat down with ussoccer.com and discussed his story both on and off the field to give viewers a glimpse into their lives. The videos feature a wide range of material as they delve into stories about their families and friends, the people who have shaped them, their hobbies or obsessions, their upbringing and personalities. (Full Playlist)

2014 #USMNT Roster Video Cards: The 2014 #USMNT Video Cards are the greatest hits of the U.S. Men’s National Team, showcasing each player’s top highlights with a quick-to-watch and easily shareable series. (Full Playlist)

World Cup Guide: On the player biography pages, well-presented posters display some of the intriguing statistical numbers and tidbits of each person. The information ranges from professional and international facts, to accolades and personal anecdotes.

Playing History: A more traditional element, ussoccer.com provides the full factual background of every player from his youth days for club and country to his professional and senior international experience.

Club History Map: An interactive map displays the locations and clubs the players have represented throughout their careers. The maps provide a true scope of the travel the U.S. MNT players have put into competing at the highest levels of the world’s game.

Photo Gallery: From in-game photos to personal images collected through family albums, ussoccer.com features a strong visual presentation of the players, making for a wonderful timeline piece to see how they have progressed into the World Cup-bound players they are today.

The U.S. Men’s National Team is beginning its final preparations for its Group G opener against Ghana on Monday, June 16, at Estadio Das Dunas in Natal, Brazil. The game kicks off at 6 p.m. ET and will be broadcast on ESPN, WatchESPN and ESPN Radio. Fans can also follow live on Twitter @ussoccer.

Michael Bradley

Community Club Lansdowne Bhoys Eyes Giant Killer Success in 2016 U.S. Open Cup

In today's era of big money sponsorships, corporate rebranding and astronomical franchise fees, the tale of Lansdowne Bhoys serves as a reminder of the small town romance that helped make soccer a global force.

The Yonkers-based club formed in 1997 as a pub team within the confines of its now-shuttered namesake, Lansdowne Bar in the Bronx. 

Today, it has built itself into a community club, with multiple senior team tiers and youth affiliations reaching hundreds throughout the Yonkers area.

"Lansdowne isn't just Lansdowne," head coach Austin Friel said. "We have a coaching academy as well. We have an affiliation with Yonkers United where we provide coaches for 24 Yonkers teams."

Friel, a 12-year veteran of the Irish leagues and an influential member at the club, brought a foundation of experience and respect that has helped shape the organization. At the heart of the Lansdowne operation is a deep-rooted community, where its focus has drawn the love of famed football announcer Tommy Smyth, whom infamously name-dropped the Bhoys in several high profile matches on ESPN – including last year's encounter between Ireland and England.

Several of Lansdowne's players also perform as coaches with Yonkers United. Many also take up day jobs with several construction companies owned by various members of the Lansdowne board, adding an extra layer of unity within the club.

"It's more of a family business," Friel explained. "With all the guys on my board, they all own their own construction companies or work for large construction companies in Manhattan and a lot of our guys work for these companies."

Emerald Tile and Marble is the team's main sponsor, which is owned by club Vice President, Aiden Corr. Several Lansdowne Bhoys work under Corr’s tile company, which enticed standout players to hone their skills on the pitch with the option of a respectable day job to supplement their income.

"About six to seven years ago, we sort of moved up a few divisions, getting better players from Ireland and Irish American players from the likes of Columbia College," Friel explained. "Aiden Corr has been at the club for 12 years as a player. He decided to take them to the next level. He put together a board and brought on William McGrory as President. Aiden is Vice President and he bought on people to develop the club and make it better."

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