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Training Center Schedules

*Future dates are tentative and subject to change.


Date Gender Age Group Location
September 2Boys99-02Hayward, Calif.
September 2Boys00-02Westfield, Ind.
September 3Boys00-02Plantation, Fla.
September 8Boys00-02Atlanta, Ga.
September 8Boys00-02Schaumburg, Ill.
September 8Girls00-03Dallas, Texas
September 8Girls00-03Melville, N.Y.
September 8Girls00-03Wixon, Mich.
September 9Boys00-02Denver, Colo.
September 9Boys00-01Raleigh, N.C.
September 10Boys99-01Dallas, Texas
September 10Boys00-02Detroit, Mich.
September 11Boys00-02St. Louis, Mo.
September 13Girls00-03Epping, N.H.
September 15Boys00-02Clermont, Fla.
September 15Girls00-03Atlanta, Ga.
September 15Girls00-03Claremont, Calif.
September 15Girls00-03Ellicott City, Md.
September 15Girls00-03Fort Collins, Colo.
September 16Boys00-01Richmond, Va.
September 16Girls00-03Irvine, Calif.
September 17Boys2001Carson, Calif.
September 17Boys00-02Columbus, Ohio
September 17Boys00-01Ellicott City, Md.
September 17Boys99-01San Marcos, Texas
September 17Boys98-01Acton, Mass.
September 17Girls00-03Seattle, Wash.
September 18Boys00-02Minneapolis, Minn.
September 22Boys98-01Charlotte, N.C.
September 22Girls00-03College Station, Texas
September 22Girls00-03Columbus, Ohio
September 22Girls00-03Greensboro, N.C.
September 22Girls00-03Portland, Ore.
September 22Girls00-03Wilmington, Calif.
September 24Boys98-01Leesburg, Va.
September 24Girls00-03Brandon, Fla.
September 24Girls00-03El Macero, Calif.
September 25Boys99-01Houston, Texas
September 25Boys98-01Williamsburg, Va.
September 28Girls00-03Orlando, Fla.
September 29Boys98-01Arlington, Va.
September 30Girls00-03West Chester, Pa.

*Denotes U.S. Soccer Local Combine


Date Gender Age Group Location
October 1Boys00-01Ellicott City, Md.
October 2Boys00-02Kansas City, Mo.
October 6Boys00-02Atlanta, Ga.
October 6Boys00-02Plantation, Fla.
October 6Girls00-03Dallas, Texas
October 7Boys00-02Chicago, Ill.
October 7Boys98-99Denver, Colo.
October 7Boys00-01Richmond, Va.
October 13Boys00-01Charlotte, N.C.
October 13Girls95-03Arvada, Colo.
October 13Girls00-03Atlanta, Ga.
October 13Girls00-03College Station, Texas
October 15Boys00-01Raleigh, N.C.
October 19Girls00-03Palm Coast, Fla.
October 20Boys00-01Denver, Colo.
October 21Girls00-03Seattle, Wash.
October 27Girls00-03Portland, Ore.
October 28Boys98-01Arlington, Va.
October 29Girls00-03Brandon, Fla.
October 29Boys00-01Winston-Salem, N.C.
October 30Boys98-99 Winston-Salem, N.C.

*Denotes U.S. Soccer Local Combine

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