Continuing Education

As of December 23, 2016 U.S. Soccer has immediately suspended its Continuing Education Policy including the requirement for A license coaches to earn continuous education units (CEUs). Coaches that currently hold an A license will maintain their A license status without the requirement to earn CEUs while the U.S. Soccer Coaching Education Department reviews its continuing education program.

During this time that the Continuing Education Policy is being suspended in hopes to identify the specific and individual needs of our coaches. At this time we will use the recess to determine appropriate expectations and standards for our licensed coaches. In doing so, we hope to safeguard player development and encourage continuous education at all levels of the coaching pathway.

The Coaching Education Department will utilize this opportunity to evaluate the pros and cons of the current program and make necessary improvements moving forward. The Coaching Department will unveil new programming after its in-depth review and communicate the requirements for licensed coaches to maintain their status under the new program.

This time provides U.S. Soccer the chance to reassess the program while simultaneously reinforcing the idea that a coach should continuously seek both formal and informal opportunities to learn. Education and reflection should not begin or end with a coaching course. These should be lifelong practices. It is with these thoughts that we will take a step back and review our program and plan for a better future.

While the full review takes place:

  • Renewal events and CEUs will not be offered
  • Coaches whose license expired in the past will not be granted the opportunity to renew or re-validate their A license and must undergo an A level course to attempt to earn a new A license
  • All coaches should maintain an updated profile in the U.S. Soccer Digital Coaching Center: dcc.ussoccer.com

A licensed coaches will be provided ample time to comply with the new program once it is presented. Additional questions should be directed to Coaches@ussoccer.org.