U.S. Soccer

National B


The B Course focuses on the principles of long-term player development and developing a team.


In order to be considered for the U.S. Soccer B course, all applicants must meet the following pre-requisites:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Have held a U.S. Soccer C license for at least 12 months
  • -OR- meet the waiver guidelines
  • Have 3 or more years of coaching experience (any level)
  • Currently coaching
  • Currently working in appropriate soccer environment for the course content
  • -OR- have the opportunity to work with a team of the appropriate level for the course content in order to complete the assignments (internship, etc.)

The B Course requires a comprehensive application from all interested candidates. The application must be submitted through the Digital Coaching Center.


For the U.S. Soccer B course, candidates will be expected to complete their assignments while working with a team playing the 11v11 game.

Course Structure

The B course consists of three course meetings separated by two development periods. The total course duration is approximately 4-5 months.

  • Course Meeting 1
    Five days onsite with full group
  • Development Period 1
    6-8 weeks in home environment with assignments and mentoring
  • Course Meeting 2
    Five days onsite with full group
  • Development Period 2
    6-8 weeks in home environment with assignments and mentoring
  • Course Meeting 3
    Five days onsite with the full group



Tasks of the Coach

  • Coaching Training Sessions
  • Coaching Games
  • Leading Players
  • Leading the Team
  • Managing a Performance Environment
  • Leadership

Waiver Guidelines

Applicants who hold certain foreign licenses or have a minimum amount of professional playing experience may be considered eligible without holding the U.S. Soccer C License.
Minimum pre-requisites:

  • UEFA B License or higher (or similar)


  • Applicant has five (5) years coaching experience, at any level, AND five-(5) years playing experience with a Senior National Team and/or five-(5) years playing experience on a FIFA recognized “1st Division” professional team. Official proof of playing and coaching experience must be provided via letterhead from the affiliated clubs, leagues, or organizations.