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Retests – Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to attend a Retest?
Candidates who receive a score of “Provisional Status” at the end of an A, B, C, or GK course held in January 2016 or later are eligible to apply for a Retest at the same license level. There is no waiting period, so candidates can sign up for one immediately after receiving a “Provisional Status” if there are available Retests.

What if I received a “Not Ready” grade on an A, B, or C license course after January of 2006, but prior to January of 2016?
Candidates who received a grade of “Not Ready” on an A, B, or C license course in the previous grading system had until December of 2017 to attend a Performance Center in an effort to earn their license. If the candidate missed the mark, he/she must retake the course in its entirety. As of January 2018, Retests are only for candidates who received a “Provisional Status” from 2016-present.

How many times may I attend a Retest? 
You can attempt a Retest one time. If you pass, you will receive your license. If you fail, you will need to retake the whole course.

How much do Retests cost, and when do I have to pay?
The registration fee is $150 and due at the time of registration. The candidate is also responsible for transportation, meals, and any other expenses incurred during the trip.

What pre-course work is required?
Candidates will be assigned a video to watch. After watching the first half of the game, the candidate will identify a training topic. If the topic is approved by the instructor, the candidate will then create a lesson plan and submit it one week prior to the Retest. The instructor will give feedback, and then the candidate will present that session during the Retest.

Is the pre-course work mandatory? What if I submit it late?
All pre-course assignments are mandatory. If you are late, you run the risk of failing. The raining topic is due three weeks prior to the Retest, and lesson plans are due one week prior to the Retest.

What does a Retest entail?
The new format includes a one-day, four-hour session. Candidates will come prepared to present their sessions on the field.

How does the grading work?
Candidates will receive either a “red” light or a “green” light. If it’s red, the candidate has failed the Retest and needs to take the whole course over again. If it’s green, the candidate has passed the Retest and will receive the respective license.

Are A, B, and C Retests still hosted by U.S. Soccer?
“A” Retests are in market and should be coordinated among the instructor and candidate that were together during the course. “B” Retests are hosted by U.S. Soccer and will be posted on the Digital Coaching Center. “C” Retests are now hosted by the state associations, so please reach out to your specific state regarding questions or concerns about “C” Provisionals.