Club development
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Consistent with U.S. Soccer Mission and Objectives to impact athletes and support members, U.S. Soccer established the Club Development department in 2018.

In collaboration with U.S. Soccer Members, Club Development supports the development of all clubs in an effort to create the best environments for player development.

Twelve regional Club Development Managers support U.S. Soccer members and Development Academy clubs in their home environments. The managers are led by Director of Club Development Miriam Hickey and Senior Manager Matt Reiswerg.

Our Mission

Empower members and clubs to optimize their environments for player development. Better environments, better players.

OUR Philosophy

- Support membership to encourage clubs to take ownership of their environments
- Utilize education to develop club and member technical leaders to improve club environments
- Stimulate collaboration between members and clubs
- Create standards and certification to clarify the pathway to benefit players at all levels


For additional information, including how to get in touch with the Club Development Manager in your region, please contact:     

Miriam Hickey - Club Development Director


Matt Reiswerg - Club Development Senior Manager


Alex Bernardo - Club Development Coordinator