U.S. Soccer Presidential Election FAQ
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U.S. Soccer Presidential Election FAQ


This document is to help you understand the election provisions of the U.S. Soccer Bylaws and Policies. As always, the U.S. Soccer Bylaws and Policies are available on our website at: https://www.ussoccer.com/governance

The nomination process is detailed in Policy 401-1 available at: https://www.ussoccer.com/governance/bylaws

Who is eligible to become a candidate?

As provided in our election policy, available at Policy 401-1, a candidate must:

1.      Submit to and pass a background check.

2.      Submit at least three (3) letters of nomination on official letterhead from an Organization Member (as defined in Bylaw 302) and/or one of three Athlete Representatives on the Board of Directors (as listed at https://www.ussoccer.com/governance/board-of-directors-about) by the deadline specified in the USSF Bylaws (January 4, 2022).

3.      Submit a conflict of interest disclosure by the deadline in the election policy (January 4, 2022).

4.  Submit authorization form for background check by the deadline specified in the USSF Bylaws (January 4, 2022 – Nominating and Governance Committee will complete within 30 days of receiving the authorization, but no later than February 3, 2022)

An Organization Member may not nominate more than one candidate. Any Organization Member who submits a nomination for more than one active candidate without withdrawing support as provided in the election policy voids all nominations by that Organization Member.


When are the U.S. Soccer Federation Presidential and Vice Presidential Elections?

The U.S. Soccer Federation Presidential and Vice Presidential Election will take place at the National Council Meeting on March 5, 2022, in Chicago. More information about the 2022 Annual General Meeting will be posted on at www.ussocceragm.com.

Who votes in the U.S. Soccer Federation Presidential and Vice Presidential Elections?

Members of the National Council vote in the election. Members are drawn from the following constituencies:

(a) the 91 State Associations (55 youth state associations and 54 adult associations, of which 18 are “joint” state associations), National Associations, and Professional Leagues receive votes apportioned through their respective Councils (Youth, Adult and Professional) and in addition, each of the Commissioners of the Youth and Adult councils receive a vote; a list is available here: https://www.ussoccer.com/organization-members.

(b) voting members of the Athletes Council;

(c) each voting member of the Board of Directors

(d) each past President of the Federation (Alan Rothenberg, Dr. Bob Contiguglia, Sunil Gulati and Carlos Cordeiro);

(e) each Life Member (up to 12 votes, as specified in Bylaw 302);

(f) delegates from each National Association, National Affiliate, Other Affiliate, Disabled Service Organization and Associate;

(g) delegate(s) selected by Individual Sustaining Members

No voting by proxy is allowed – for 2022, delegates must register and participate in the National Council Meeting in order to vote.

A delegate of an Organization Member must be an officer, director, or senior executive of the Organization Member or must be authorized in writing to serve as a delegate by the governing body of the Organization Member.

How many people vote in the Presidential and Vice Presidential elections?

The number of votes in the Presidential and Vice Presidential election will be provided in the Credentials Committee report to the National Council. The members of the Credentials Committee are listed at: https://www.ussoccer.com/governance/committees/credentials-committee.

The number of votes depends on the number of registered members for the National Council Meeting and is further subject to federal law guaranteeing minimum representation by athletes.

Delegates will be provided registration information in the coming weeks.

How does voting work?

Only those delegates pre-registered, logged in with the appropriate credentials and present during the National Council Meetingmay cast a vote. Votes are weighted as provided in the Bylaws::

  •  Athletes Council receives at least 20 percent of the votes according to the Bylaw and federal law applicable to National Governing Bodies.

  • Youth, Adult and Professional councils have equal voting percentage as determined by the Credentials Committee.

  • The remaining delegates get one vote each, subject to Bylaw limitations.

For example, in 2021, the Council votes were weighted as follows:

  • Athletes Council voted 20 percent of the votes;

  • Youth, Adult and Pro Councils voted 25.22% of the votes, each;

  • The remaining delegates voted an aggregate 4.35% of the votes.

More information on how the Credentials Committee determines the percentage of votes for the Youth, Adult and Professional Councils is available in Bylaw 302.

Can a delegate vote more than once if they fall under more than one category?

No. A delegate who is eligible to vote in more than one capacity may only vote in one of those capacities.See Bylaw 302, Section 1(b).


Can fans vote?

Members of the Fan Council who are selected as delegates can vote in the U.S. Soccer Presidential and Vice Presidential election. More information is available here.

How does voting actually work? Is it paper votes, electronic, etc?

Votes are cast electronically by secret ballot and the vote will be certified by the Credentials Committee. 

How many votes are needed to win the election?

The majority of votes cast are needed to win the election.

What happens if nobody receives the majority of the votes cast?

If nobody receives the majority on the first ballot, another round of ballots will be cast. That process will continue until one candidate receives the majority of votes cast.

Every candidate remains eligible until there is a winner or a candidate chooses to withdraw at any point in the process.

Are the votes public?

Similar to a United States presidential election, all votes are secret. The result of all votes is posted at the National Council Meeting immediately after it is taken and certified.

Can the public attend the Election?

The general public can view the National Council Meeting via livestream.

If there's a new Vice President, when does his or her term begin?

The newly elected president begins his or her term following the conclusion of the National Council Meeting.