-  U.S. Paralympic National Team Match Report – 

Match: U.S. Paralympic National Team vs. Ireland
Sept. 14, 2016
2016 Rio Paralympic Games – Placement Match
Deodoro Stadium; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1 p.m. ET (2 p.m. local)
85 degrees 

Scoring Summary:           1             2             F
USA                                     1             1             2           
IRE                                       0             1             1

USA – Seth Jahn                13th minute
IRE – Dillon Sherridan      31
USA – Drew Bremer         56 

1-Sean Boyle; 13-Joshua Brunais, 10-Kevin Hensley (capt), 8- Andrew Bremer, 7-Adam Ballou, 4-Tyler Bennett (2-Gavin Sibayan, 53), 9-Seth Jahn
Subs Not Used: 3-Greg Brigman, 5-Bryce Boarman, 6-Steven Bohlemann 12-Alex Hendricks, 14-David Garza

Head Coach: Stuart Sharp

IRE: 1-Grian McGillivary; 2-Joseph Markey, 14-Carl Mckee (13-Cormac Brit, 31), 4-Luke Evans (capt), 7-Gary Messett, 3-Conor Tuite (6-Ryan Walker, 47) 10-Dillon Sheridan (11-Tomiwa Badun, 43)
Subs Not Used: 5- Peter Cotter, 8-Paraic Leacy, ,
12-Aaron Tier, 14-Simon LEstrange
Head Coach: Gerard Glynn

Stats Summary: USA / IRE
Shots: 16/19
Shots on Goal: 8/8
Corner Kicks: 10/9
Fouls: 12/7
Offside: N/A 

Misconduct Summary:

Jorge Barbisa
Assistant Referee 1: Roberto Colman
Assistant Referee 2:
 Igor Monteiro
4th Official:
Skye Arther-Banning

US Soccer

To My Brothers

To my brothers,

When I left my career two years ago, the position I attained, the money, and essentially the pinnacle and culmination of all I had worked for throughout my adult life, I made that sacrifice because I had a vision of what this team could achieve together. I never thought that I would return to the game after college, much less join such a remarkable group of misfits so many years later.

During my first camp, before we qualified for Rio, coach and I sat down and discussed my goals. ”Rio” was all I could muster. Throughout the last couple years, we laughed together, we fought together, we cried together, we sweat together, we bled together, we lost together, and we won together. We did it together with one common goal: competing in the Paralympics.

I often reflect back on the grit and determination this team has displayed so many times over the years, like the time we clawed our way from behind in the final minutes to earn a 5-3 victory against the Footie Povoa host nation, Portugal, to secure a third-place finish ahead of some of the best countries in the world. I think about the skill and mental toughness in overcoming injuries and absences by winning the bronze medal at the 2014 America’s Cup.

I think back to when we took the pitch in the second half against Scotland at the 2015 World Championships trailing 1-0, and looking in every one of your eyes and seeing there was no quit and no way we were going to lose. We fought and we won. Shortly after, we experienced heartbreak after taking the number-four ranked Dutch squad to double overtime to make it to the semifinals. But we rebounded back in a must-win game with a crushing 4-1 victory against Argentina to stamp our passports to Rio. And of course the 4-3 come-from-behind victory again over Argentina in Spain earlier this year. 

The U.S. PNT celebrates after punching its ticket to the 2016 Paralympic games with a 4-1 win vs. Argentina at the 2015 Cerebral Palsy Football World Championships.

What truly showed how far this team has come in such a short time was on full display in Rio by concluding our season with a 2-1 victory over Ireland, the same team we lost to 4-1 and 5-0 just months before! Simply incredible, gentlemen.

These few examples, and many others I did not mention, do not fully capture the spirit, mentality, and potential of this team. We accomplished something that men, women, and children all over the world can only dream of. We reached the greatest stage in our sport and we did so while displaying the qualities of what makes our country, and each and every one of you, so great. We represented our country and ourselves with honor, respect, courage, sacrifice, and strength.

I know we are all saying, “what if…” and “if this…”, but the fact of the matter is that we made waves on the international stage. We showed that we’re a dangerous team, a term that had never been used to describe our team until all of you gave everything of yourselves to earn that. Our time in Brazil is something we will all share forever and no one will ever be able to take that from you. What an incredible legacy.

Throughout this tournament, not only did we now show that we belong with the best in the world, but we set this program up for success in the future. Aspiring players around our country who watched each and every one of you and learned of your tremendously powerful and inspirational stories will come into this team for their trials knowing that they will have to work their asses off to join our ranks. The results will come with the foundation that we have laid.

There are no words to capture the pride and love I have for each of you, my brothers. No matter where our roads take us in the future, I want you to know that if you ever need me, I’ll be there, as I know you would do the same for me. Hold your heads up high, reflect on what we did, on who we are, and let’s get back to the grindstone.

Our coach and staff created a formula for success with this team, and we have not fully honored that yet. Coach [Stuart] Sharp has led by example in his dedication to all of us. He has transformed this program and this team, using each of us as his instruments.

I am motivated to get back to work, to put that crest over my chest, and take the pitch with you all again very soon. We have work to do. I love you all.


Seth Jahn


US National 7-a-side Football Striker / Co-Captain

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