Can I attend games during Phase III? 

Yes, but it important to follow all state and local guidelines as well as in rules that the facility has in place for the competition. U.S. Soccer recommends that all spectators attending games or trainings should wear proper PPE (i.e. face coverings). Spectators should plan for extra time arriving to the facility in case of a delay during the check-in process.

Spectators should not congregate together. The hosting organization could set up family zones that are six feet apart along the sideline. If there are bleachers, consider bringing a sanitizing wipe to sanitize your area. At no time, should parents ever enter the team bench area.

Will there be any special procedures for attending games? 

U.S. Soccer is suggesting clubs have specific arrival and check-in protocols for their specific facilities. Spectators should expect to adhere to a medical screening, wear proper PPE and submit contact information for tracing and tracking purposes. Certain facilities might have designated viewing areas, as well. It’s important to maintain proper social distancing guidelines between other spectators during the competition. 


Is it still safe to carpool with other families to attend team activities? 

Spectators should travel with as few people as possible to during Phase III. Carpooling or ride sharing is still highly discouraged. For families who must ride together with no other alternatives, only rideshare with a family or individual who has practiced appropriate distancing and sheltering requirements established by their local government or public health officials. Rideshare with the same individuals each game. Wear your face cover in the vehicle and maintain social distancing during loading, transport and unloading the vehicle.