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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a referee?
To be a referee you must be registered and certified.   You should begin by registering with your State Referee Association.  You can find your State Referee Association’s contact information here.  Your State Referee Association will also let you know what other requirements you may need to become registered.  This may include attending a clinic or entry level course.

When can I register each year?
U.S. Soccer’s registration window opens each July 1 and closes on June 30 of the following year. The registration is then valid from January 1 through December 31.  First time referees that register after July 1 can referee immediately after completion of certification until December 31 of the following calendar year.  All other referees that complete the registration and recertification process are valid only from January 1 to December 31 of the following calendar year.

I lost my badge, how can I order a new one?
Registrants who have completed their registration for the current year can purchase replacement or additional badges online by clicking here.  Note that a maximum of two replacement badges can be ordered per year per USSF ID Number.

What is the proper uniform?
Officials Sports International is the official technical partner of U.S. Soccer.  OSI supplies the official U.S. Soccer Federation uniform, which can be found here.

What can I do to become a better referee?
U.S. Soccer provides many resources in its Resource Center found here.  Online training courses are provided and support is provided in the form of assessors, instructors, coaches, and mentors at various events around the country.  Online training can be used as refreshers throughout the year and can be found here.  Membership events where U.S. Soccer will have a presence can be found here.  It is also important to reach out to your State Referee Administration for resources and support.

I hurt myself in a game and I wanted to find out what I need to do to use the insurance.
The insurance U.S. Soccer provides is general liability, not medical.  Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do for any medical bills.  To download a copy of the current liability certificate, click here.

I am moving to the United States and would like to continue officiating.  What do I do?
You should register with the State Referee Association where you are moving to.  Please provide a letter from your previous Federation that includes your experience, level and standing.

I am an active military member going overseas and I do not want to lose my certification.  How can I keep it?
Active overseas military members may preserve their present referee grade or become a referee with our Overseas Branch by completing specified requirements.  For instructions on these requirements, please click here.

How do I become a professional referee?
We like your ambition!  Start with registering with your State Referee Association and getting experience officiating local youth games.  Continue to work hard and upgrade to the highest level in your state, a Grade 6 State Referee.  Continue to train and maintain an understanding of the Laws of the Game.  After becoming a State Referee, you could get selected to be a National Official by U.S. Soccer.  These officials work the most competitive matches within the United States below and including the professional and international levels.  The Professional Referee Organization (PRO) is responsible for managing referee programs for the professional soccer leagues in the United States and Canada including: MLS, USL, NPSL, NWSL and the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup.

A list of referee grades can be found here.

Other Questions
If you have further questions, contact your State Referee Association or you can reach the U.S. Soccer Referee Department at  referee@ussoccer.org.