Alexa Vickroy

Alexa Vickroy

U.S. Soccer Federation




Please share a bit of background about yourself.

I’m originally from the Bay Area in Northern California. I grew up playing many sports, but football became a passion. The advancement of women's professional football and increasing access to the sport has always been my core purpose. My purpose and the privilege to pursue it has helped me get into college, taken me to places all around the world, introduced me to some of my best friends and dearest colleagues, and has been the focus in my career from the very beginning. I’ve worked in various levels of the football industry starting from a semi-professional club in Los Angeles, to the women’s professional league, and all the way to the global governing body of football at FIFA. My work now continues here at the Federation.

What advice would you give to women seeking a position in the sports industry?

Two things:

Network to create a solid support system for yourself. This could be a mentor or a group of colleagues you can always use as a sounding board, share your experiences with, and learn from.

Have a clear understanding of where you would like to be. Now, reverse every step you would need to take and learn every skill you think you need to get to that place. Share this goal with trusted colleagues.

Who or what inspires you the most, and why?

I’m inspired by the women in the football industry who have paved the way for others to follow and excel. We stand on the shoulders of every woman that has broken down barriers, walls, ceilings, and left a ladder. We should always look back on who paved the way and then also find ways to leave it better than we found it.

How do you see women in sport growing in the future?  What would you like to see?

In the future, I see a continuance of championing and investment of women’s sport and women working in sport. I see more women, particularly women of color, in decision-making positions within sport’s governing bodies. On the pitch, I would like to see a larger push in consistent playing opportunities for girls and women around the world at the national team and club level. I would also like to see a Women’s Club World Cup.