Videographer, Women's National Team
U.S. Soccer Federation



Please share a bit of background about yourself.


I grew up in Rhode Island and developed both a passion for sports and visual storytelling. I attended Syracuse University (Go 'Cuse) where I majored in film and also started working with a few of the women's sports teams on campus. After college, I made my way out to Los Angeles, where I began working for FOX Sports. At FOX, I had the opportunity to work on a vast range of high-profile events -- from traveling Russia during the 2018 FIFA Men's World Cup (which resulted in an Emmy!), covering two Super Bowls, the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup (no Emmy for that one, but still great), the Daytona 500 and 2016 MLB All-Star Game. At the end of 2019, I joined U.S. Soccer and have now been working for over two years as the dedicated videographer for the U.S. Women's National Team.



What do you love about your current job?


Getting to travel the country and the world is an exhausting but fulfilling experience. We are a traveling circus, which presents a lot of opportunities to see new locations and tackle new challenges -- whether it be figuring out how to do a video shoot in a small hotel room in Tokyo, which camera to shoot a meet-and-greet with koalas in Australia or even just how to dress up a hotel ball room in Orlando for a jersey shoot. This job keeps me on my toes creatively and most importantly lets me work with some amazing personalities. But I would say the thing I love the most is how much fun I have. It's hard work, but at the end of the day, sports are fun.



What skills do you use every day?


Teamwork, leadership and collaboration are must-haves in this position that is ever-changing with new obstacles and personalities in every camp. Being able to problem solve and remain level-headed is also critical, especially in high-stress environments. As a leader, I try to stay calm, cool and organized for the rest of the team to make sure we get what we need done. Communication is also very important as we are coordinating with individuals around the world for footage, logistics and more.



What advice would you give to women trying to pursue a career in sports?


Relationships are everything. Take the time to ask people questions, to learn your craft and what other people are doing, as you never know what opportunities may lie ahead and who can help you reach the next step in your career. Also, always be willing to keep learning and keep an open-mind. Never feel like any task is beneath you and always take the time to teach those around you -- it only makes the team stronger as a whole. And don't be afraid to produce your position -- whether it's a small task or you are the mastermind behind a bigger project, own your area, execute it to the best of your abilities and be confident in your skills.