Kelly Higgins

Vice President, Partnership Marketing
U.S. Soccer Federation



Please share a bit of background about yourself.


I was born and raised in southeast Florida. Growing up with an older brother and the NY Mets Spring Training / Single A facility in my hometown, I was introduced to the business of sports at a young age. After working at the stadium all through high school, it was inevitable that I would pursue an education and career in sports. I attended Florida Southern College for undergrad and the University of Central Florida for graduate school before heading to NYC to work for the NBA. It's been an incredible journey in NYC with several amazing career opportunities with the NBA, NY Mets, NBC Sports and now, U.S. Soccer. Throughout each of these stops, I have been lucky enough to learn from amazing leaders and I am really excited to bring the knowledge I've gained to U.S. Soccer.



All pathways are different; how did you get to where you are?


With many great mentors and a lot of hard work. As mentioned in my background, I started working for the Mets when I was just 15 doing the sound effects and music during their minor league and Spring Training games. Throughout my collegiate journey, I did as many internships and volunteer opportunities I could so that I could not only learn about the industry overall but, also begin to identify where my skillsets and interests would best match specific roles. In each of my career experiences, I have learned a lot, not only about the business but, about myself and who I want to be as a leader.



What do you love about your current job?


There are so many things! The people, the opportunity to make an impact, bringing to life and enhancing our strategic partnerships and of course, in all of that, the ability to play a part in the growth the sport of soccer. It's such a unique time for our business and the sport as a whole, to have the opportunity to be a part of that is just so special.



Communication. Relationship Building. Creativity. Strategic Thinking. Time Management.