Session #1

Business Chemistry: The Science (and Art) of Business Relationships

Led By: Deloitte

Ever wonder what makes people click or clash? How leaders can make or break team potential? The Business Chemistry framework provides a simple yet powerful way to identify meaningful differences between people’s working styles, helping participants understand where others are coming from and the value they can bring.

Building Long-term Financial Independence

Led By: New York Life

We are gathering to share our knowledge, because armed with the right financial information there is absolutely nothing we can’t do. You’ll learn about managing your earnings, spending and wealth creation in a fun, empowered environment designed to help you know your power and how to claim your seat at the table, even if you’ve only just arrived. Join us and together we can:

  • Make a strong start: Learn how to how to make the most of your salary and employee benefits and understand the incredible benefits of planning early through real-world examples.
  • Build a solid foundation: Learn to manage financial risks and pitfalls that can derail your financial future, things like student loans, poor credit scores, not having the right insurance, etc.
  • Planning is key: Creating a financial strategy isn’t about restricting yourself, it’s about finding a balance so you can enjoy your life while also planning for the future.

Charting and Navigating Your Early Career Journey

Led By: Deloitte

Empowering participants with knowledge and strategies that can help them achieve their career pursuits.

Networking for success

Led By: Deloitte

A session designed to be dynamic and interactive that provides participants with valuable insights, practical strategies, and effective communication skills which can help build meaningful professional connections.

Session #2

Cultivating Mindfulness and a Growth Mindset

Led By: Headspace

Introduction to the principles of mindfulness and growth mindset, a foundational tool for personal development, stress management, and lifelong learning.

How Your Cycle Affects Performance


Join the leading Sport Science Experts in Menstruation & Performance for a “jaw dropping”, “no-way”, “did you know” breakdown of the power of our periods. Most women dread the moment their period arrives - at VIS we like to think about our periods as our superpower! In this session VIS Expert + VOICEINSPORT CEO Stef Strack will guide attendees through the phases of their menstrual cycle, performance tips for each phase and the importance of why having our period is so critical to our health & wellbeing.

Tapping Into Your Creativity

Led By: Hoa Hong - Graphic Designer & Muralist

Join a multidisciplinary artist to explore the connection between business, sports and art to better understand how we all share a common trait in our pursuit of excellence and will for mastery. In this session, Hoa Hong will share her belief that it is in our DNA to create. In a world constantly evolving, the ability to unlock and channel your creative energy is not just a skill; it’s a necessity. Discover how to navigate the creative process with confidence, whether you’re an aspiring artist, a professional seeking innovative solutions, or someone simply yearning to infuse more imagination into your daily life. Life isn’t about finding yourself but creating yourself–whether that is through sports, business, or art practices.

Empowering Through Fitness & Nutrition

Led By: Juliet Barnes - Head Athletic Trainer, USWNT

Join us as we dive headfirst into the world of holistic health, and how both health maintenance and injury recovery come down to the same fundamentals of integrating sleep, nutrition, movement/load, rehab, rest/recovery, and a solid mental health routine on and off the field.