Jonas Eriksson Fact File

The man in the middle for the U.S. Men's National Team's opening game against Ghana has been decided. Jonas Eriksson hails from Sweden and called one of the two semifinals of the past edition of the UEFA Champions League.

Name: Jonas Eriksson

Age: 40

Hometown: Sigtuna, Sweden

Refereeing history: Became a professional in 1994; ascended to FIFA International status in 2002.

Big matches worked: 2013 UEFA Super Cup (Bayern Munich vs. Chelsea); Six matches in 2013-2014 UEFA Champions League, including a quarterfinal between Bayern Munich and Manchester United and a semifinal between Atlético Madrid and Chelsea.

Stats: 89 international matches worked - averages 3.61; 0.18 red cards; and 0.18 penalty kicks awarded per match.

Fun fact: While many referees officiate soccer matches as a side job, Eriksson has no such need. The Swede sold his stake in media rights business IEC in 2007 for just over $10 million. Since then, he has dedicated his life to refereeing top-level soccer matches.

Previous USA games officiated: None.