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#USMNT Social Sphere: Ready in Recife

Following a gut-wrenching 2-2 draw against Portugal deep in the Amazon, the #USMNT had just two days of training and rest before departing for Recife in preparation for its match against Germany, where a number of scenarios can either send the #USMNT into the Round of 16 or back home.

The match-up against Portugal that put the #USMNT in the predicament against Germany was a roller coaster ride. The mistake for Portugal's early goal, the two goals to put the U.S. up and the last-minute dagger that leveled it.

The team has traveled about 3,300 miles in less than three days, and somewhere in between, the starters and reserves found a way to get a few practices under their belt.

No matter how far the team traveled, #USMNT fans wanted the players to know there was always support from home.

The support and a few good training sessions that concentrated on Germany got the players right back on track.

Before the team left, one thing had to be figured out; who would win the team soccer tennis championship?

And just like that, the team boarded its third flight in as many days, getting to Recife two days before the showdown with Germany.

The welcome wagon in Recife was truly amazing.

After record-breaking TV records for the match against Portugal, fans and fellow athletes have taken to social media to build-up the momentum for Thursday’s crucial game.

Even the Hulkster go on board with the #USMNT.

"One Moment Does Not Define Us" - USA World Cup Hype Video 2014 from Ted Harrison on Vimeo.

The USA-Germany game has received so much attention that even folks who are off planet are tuning in - that's right our astronauts are excited!

Once it arrived in Recife, the team wanted to relax a bit. Whether it’s playing cards or watching good ol’ television, players took their mind off all the pre-match hub-bub.

In the end, the motto stays the same: win and we’re in. The #USMNT can advance with a win, a tie or even a loss. But, the easiest way to advance according to Sweden's Zlatan Ibrahimovic? #RiskEverything.

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Today we look forward.

With the march towards 2022 underway and the 2026 FIFA World Cup in North America as our guidepost, the U.S. Men’s National Team has embarked on a new journey. The hallmarks of the culture remain, with perseverance, grit and dogged determination fueled by the pride to represent the United States and each and every one of you.

We take nothing for granted. The path ahead will be paved with successes and informed by setbacks. We will build strength through commitment and character, accepting challenges and rising every time we fall. We will be aggressive and play without fear, for history demonstrates that fortune favors the bold.

Like any grand project, ours is a work in progress. We cannot do it alone. Pioneering a new path forward takes the will of a generation full of optimism and hope, bound by the belief that there is nothing we cannot achieve if we are united in the cause. This is the American spirit, from which is born the American dream. It is time to take our destiny in our own hands and turn that dream into a reality. And do it together.

The future is US.

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MNT Oct 10, 2018