World Cup Quote Sheet: Beckerman, Johnson - June 25

U.S. Men's National Team players Kyle Beckerman and Fabian Johnson speak to the media ahead of the USA's match against Germany

On Klinsmann’s roots in Germany:
“I think he’s American now, he’s been living is California so long. I think we have people from all walks of the earth who look American, so he’s no different.”

On the physical and mental aspects of a short time between games:
“I don’t think it’s really bothering us right now. I think our minds are – this is the biggest game of a lot of our lives right now so any fatigue in our legs will be erased. We have got to give everything we’ve got and more. I think we’ve done the proper stuff, we’ve recovered our legs so we don’t think the short rest has been harmful at all.”

On how the 1994 World Cup has impacted this soccer generation:
“Well I think all those guys were hero’s to us, at least to me. I mean, watching those guys qualify for the next round and doing it with a lot of pressure on their shoulders with the tournament being in the US. I think a lot of the guys on the team look to that- those guys were the first ones to really take it to that next level. The ’90 guys were the ones who took it on their back, but the ’94 guys really took it to the next level and it has had a big impact on a lot of us.”

On his heritage and identifying teammates as “German-American”:
“American- I was born in Maryland but I am German and some French. I mean, it doesn’t bother me; it is just identifying their origin along with American. That’s just part of the United States. That’s the way we say where somebody is from, but no, it doesn’t bother me. Everybody is American and they come over.”

On the growth of soccer in the United States:
“I think it’s growing each year and I think with the World Cup it doubles its growth and right now with this tournament the country is in a soccer fever. They’re glued to the TV when we play and its reaching new levels in the United States. Each year it grows more and more and with the World Cup it doubles, so this is a year that it will double and hopefully it will continue that.”

On what a victory against Germany will mean personally and for the U.S. MNT:
“I think it would be a big win for the United States to get a win over Germany in a World Cup, but ultimately get us to where we want to go, which is the next round." 

On playing against people he knows:
“I have played in the leagues and with many players in leagues and national camps so, I am excited to play in this game tomorrow. I am just proud to be apart of this team right now.”

On a draw against Germany moving the USA out of the group stage:
“I don’t think that’s in our nature. I think everybody wants to win this game. We did in our qualifier when we won to qualify for the World Cup. We played against Panama and we won that game that allowed Mexico to go through to the World Cup.”

On what a victory against Germany will mean personally and for the U.S. MNT:
“I think it’s just a big game for every one of us. We are all excited and looking forward to it and it’s one of the biggest matches of our lives for a lot of us so we’re excited.”