Quote Sheet: Final Draw for 2016 FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup in Jordan

U.S. Under-17 WNT head coach B.J. Snow

On being a part of the first FIFA Women’s World Cup to be staged in the Middle East:
“First of all, we are extremely honored and humbled to be participating in the first ever FIFA Women’s international tournament to be held in the Middle East.  This is a massive step for the development of women’s soccer across the world. While we compete on the field it is still important to keep in mind that we have a collective sense of responsibility to grow the game and hopefully this will have a massive impact on women’s soccer for many years to come.”   

On the quality of play expected at this fifth U-17 Women’s World Cup:
“The international women’s game has evolved at a frenetic pace over the course of the last few years and it is fair to say that the quality and sophistication at the U-17 level has mirrored that evolution. We fully expect that the tournament held this fall in Jordan will be the toughest yet at the youth level.  The number of quality teams in this year’s edition is phenomenal.”  

On the lead up to the tournament now that the groups are set:
“The World Cup Final Draw brings with it a sense of reality to all of those involved and our players are no different. They are dealing with all of these feelings and emotions for the first time and this is very important for their development. We try to keep things in perspective for them and make sure that we stay focused on the things we can control both individually and collectively. We have four months to prepare for the tournament but at the same time there is no finish line for these players. We are trying to instill them with the habits and skills needed to be able to compete for this country for years to come.”   

On the USA’s draw for Group D which included Paraguay, Ghana and Japan:
“We feel that our group will be a tremendous challenge for us. There are three very distinct teams in our group that all play the game with their own flair and unique style.  Japan has been at the forefront of youth development on the women’s side, continues to be the gold standard at our level and will enter the tournament as a favorite to repeat as champions. Ghana is an extraordinary difficult team to play and prepare for with a history of performing well in the past editions of this tournament. They breezed through qualifying and look to have a team that will enter the tournament with a ton of confidence.  Paraguay offers its own unique challenges and proved in their qualifying that they have some attacking power as evidenced by the fact they scored the second highest goal tally in their region.”  

On the process of preparing his young team for the tournament:
“It is great for our preparation to take on another layer but it is crucial that we remain focused on the process. The tournament will take on many different shapes with constant peaks and valleys that are impossible to totally predict. That being said, we have to prepare for as much as we can so that we have the tools necessary to navigate through the tournament that starts by taking the event one game at a time.”