2017 Tournament of Nations Winning Scenarios

While only three goals were scored in the first two games of the 2017 Tournament of Nations, the second Match Day featured 13 as Australia defeated Japan 4-2 and the USA downed Brazil, 4-3.

The results keep Australia solidly atop the standings and in the driver's seat in regards to winning the tournament, but the USA is also still in the running thanks to its spectacular come-from-behind win against Brazil in San Diego, prolonging the drama to Match Day 3.

Following are the scenarios for Australia and the USA to win the 2017 Tournament of Nations:

Currently on six points after victories over the USA and Japan, a win or a tie for Australia against Brazil will give the Matildas the tournament championship as no team can match a total of seven or nine points.

To win the tournament, the USA will need Brazil to defeat Australia, and then defeat Japan while overturning the three-goal difference. Australia currently has plus-3 goal difference while the USA is at 0.

The first tie-breaker if the USA and Australia end up tied on points is overall goal difference, followed by goals scored, and then head-to-head result (which Australia holds over the USA).

Brazil and Japan
Currently with one point each, Brazil and Japan cannot win the tournament as the maximum points possible for those teams is four and Australia already has six.