CHAMP the Volkswagen Virtual Player Honoree


CHAMP, a Volkswagen custom robot, was developed to expand the reach, visibility, and impact of the existing U.S. Soccer player honoree program. With its telepresence technology, CHAMP will allow young soccer fans experiencing hardships or unique circumstances the opportunity to participate as a player honoree virtually. Take a look at our upcoming Volkswagen virtual honorees and their stories.

Luna, age 10, Palm Beach, FL

Luna is a standout for her local soccer club, and after enduring a tough tackle in October 2020, she was left with hip pain. She then saw a specialist, where scans revealed that she had an inoperable tumor around her hip. Luna was ultimately diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. She has persevered by keeping active by continuing to play the sport she loves while going through extensive treatments. Whether it’s juggling a ball, or doing calisthenics, Luna is constantly finding creative ways to sharpen her skills while in the hospital for chemotherapy.

Through CHAMP on matchday, Luna will meet members of the U.S. Women’s National Team, including two-time FIFA World Cup champion, and Volkswagen Ambassador, Alex Morgan, who she cites as her personal hero and an inspiration during her recovery.

Chisi, age 8, Gardena, CA

The July 5th Volkswagen player honoree comes from non-profit organization CoachArt, which serves children impacted by chronic illnesses such as cancer, cerebral palsy, arthritis, and other conditions that require ongoing treatment. CoachArt's volunteer coaches provide free arts and athletics lessons to help the kids they serve gain confidence and skills in a supportive environment. Chisi, age 8, from California has been a participant in CoachArt's soccer program for 3 years, and requires integrated care. She has a passion for the sport and is a huge Women's National Team Fan. Volkswagen is honored to have her participate as a player honoree through CHAMP at today's match.

Quote from Chisi: "I love to play soccer because I can use the tricks I learn from my Dad; I can also play and have fun with other kids. I am so excited to participate as a player honoree through CHAMP and meet some of my favorite players!”

Quote from Mom: “One of Chisi’s favorite things to do is watch soccer games. She looks up to Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe. It will be an opportunity of a lifetime for her to participate in the honoree program, and something she will never forget!”

Future Virtual Player Honoree Participation

Submissions for the 2022 U.S. Soccer season will open up here later this year.