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Colin Jose Media Award

About the Award

The Colin Jose Media Award is named after Colin Jose, who served as the official historian of the National Soccer Hall of Fame from 1997-2007. His painstaking research and writing over a period of 40 years has resulted in a body of work acknowledged to be the definitive history of soccer in North America. He has written for every major English language soccer publication and has authored numerous books on the history of soccer. Colin is recognized internationally as the preeminent authority in the field.

This award is designed to honor members of the media who specialize in communications with respect to soccer in the U.S. It is awarded to those whose contributions in the field are deemed to be of exceptional and sustained quality.

Eligibility Criteria and Procedures

The National Soccer Hall of Fame is soliciting nominations for the 2013 Colin Jose Media Award. This award was created in 2003 to honor the contributions of members of the print and electronic media, including reporters, columnists, authors, broadcasters, editors, public/media relations professionals and others who specialize in communications with respect to soccer in the United States.  
  1. The award winner should have been involved with the game at multiple levels for an extended period of years (suggested minimum is 25 years).
  2. The body of work/coverage of should include the U.S. National Teams, including matches outside the United States rather than limited solely to local leagues. In order to separate quality candidates the selection committee would rate, in order, FIFA World Cup work/coverage, FIFA World Cup qualifying work/coverage, other FIFA competition work/coverage, domestic league (MLS, NASL, etc.) work/coverage, and college work/coverage. While it would not be necessary for any award winner to have worked at all of these levels, the checklist will be used to attempt to quantify the level of work across the spectrum of the game.
  3. In the case of writers/editors/broadcasters, the body of work should have appeared in publications/networks with impact. In assessing a body of work, the selection committee will give precedence (in order) to national publications/broadcasts, local professional league coverage, national college and youth coverage, local college and youth coverage. The work should be the result of original journalism, not simply "press release" journalism, and it should have enjoyed regularity of placement.
  4. In the case of candidates whose discipline was public relations/media services or editorial, the same criteria as above should be followed with the obvious concept that the work is different in nature.  Nevertheless, the same ``ladder'' of evaluation can be utilized with quite simple modifications.
  5. In cases where there is a potential winner who is retired, or significantly near the end of a career, the award should go to that individual ahead of a comparable candidate who likely can be honored at a later date.
The National Soccer Hall of Fame will be honoring the Colin Jose Media Award recipient during the Induction 2013 ceremony (details of the Induction ceremony will be announced soon). The Colin Jose Media Award Committee will consider nominations from past years along with the new nominations received in 2013.

Committee membership include selected past winners, a representative from U.S. Soccer, a representative from Major League Soccer, an At-Large representative, and a Hall of Fame representative selected by the National Soccer Hall of Fame Board of Directors.

Past Recipients

Previous Colin Jose Media Award Recipients:

    2004 - Jerry Trecker, Hartford Courant Print Media
    2005 - Seamus Malin, ESPN and other television broadcasters
    2006 - No award presented
    2007 - George Tiedemann, Sports Illustrated/Freelance Photography
    2008 - Ike Kuhns, Newark Star-Ledger Print Media
    2009 - Alex Yannis, New York Times
    2010 - Paul Gardner, Soccer America Print Media
    2011 - No award presented
    2012 - Grahame Jones