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Meghan Schnur, Shannon Boxx

Postcard from the Algarve: Meghan Schnur

Every so often when the U.S. Women’s National Team plays out of the country, a player will write an e-postcard, filling in the fans back home on the happenings of the team, off field activities, and anything else on their mind. Today, 24-year-old defender Meghan Schnur talks about her first cap, why everyone should want to room with Shannon Boxx and how her physical therapy major in college did not prepare her for tax time.

Hello from Portugal. This is my first Algarve Cup, which makes sense, since before yesterday I had never played a minute in an actual full international match.

I found out that I was playing, and even starting, in a meeting the day before the game when Pia read the starters off to the team. I was excited, but I found myself thinking more about the game itself than the fact that it was going to be my first one. I was more curious about what kind of a team Iceland was, so I asked my trusty roommate Shannon Boxx. Right now, she’s only played 118 more games than me so I figured she’d have the answers.

I was also wondering where exactly Iceland was. I knew the general area, but I always confuse it with Greenland on the map. Didn’t they teach us that Iceland is green and Greenland is covered with ice?

Either way, I was a little bit nervous before the game. I was sitting next to Abby Wambach in the locker room, and as we were putting on our shoes, she turned to me and said, “It’s your first game. Don’t screw up…Just kidding.” I’m not sure if she was kidding or not.

I thought I did alright, especially for my first game, but I’ve got a long way to go to keep a regular spot on this team. You are always learning at this level and I even feel I learned a lot in the game.

What was really fun is that I had a hand in the first goal. I’ve been an attacking player all my life so when I got into the box, I decided to push the ball around the defender and run around her on the other side. It’s a move I did a lot at school and amazingly it worked here. Heather O’Reilly made a sick run to the near post and was screaming for the ball. No one screams for the ball like Heather. I knew she was barreling at the goal at one-thousand miles per hour so I hit the cross really hard and I figured it was into a good area. The luck that had escaped us most of the match turned in our favor and the Iceland player headed it her own net.

I didn’t really score, but I still celebrated like I did. We had come so close during the game that it was just nice to get one in.

Off the field, I’ve been spending a good amount of time in my room resting. The black-out blinds they have here are great for naps. My aforementioned trusty roommate Boxxy has also been lending her wisdom to me on taxes. Playing in the WPS is really the first real job I’ve had (if you can call that a real job) so this whole tax thing is WAY over my head. I’m working through it.

The Winter Olympics has been on TV constantly and unlike in the USA, there is live coverage all day long here in Europe. Unfortunately, the prime viewing hours for us seems to only consist of the broomers, the hunters and the flying squirrels. Yes, we are talking about curling, biathlon and ski jumping. How about some hockey! I am hoping for a USA-Canada final for the men. Fingers crossed!

I guess that’s it from the Algarve for now. Thanks for reading my postcard and for supporting our team from across the pond.

Over and out,