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MNT Players Relish Prospect of Test against Five-Time World Cup Champion Brazil

Coming off a 2-1 win against Peru, the U.S. Men’s National Team will test itself against five-time World Cup champion Brazil, Presented by Liberty Mutual Insurance, at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts on Tuesday in its final tune-up ahead of the CONCACAF Cup against Mexico on Oct. 10 at the Rose Bowl. Kickoff against Brazil is set for 8 p.m. ET and the game will be broadcast live on ESPN2, UniMás and the Univision Deportes Network.

Altidore on Verge of Adding a New Chapter to MNT Goal Scoring History

While Jozy Altidore’s two-goal outburst in Friday’s 2-1 win over Peru was the fourth multi-goal game of the U.S. striker’s career, it also put him on the doorstep of a very exclusive club with the U.S. Men’s National Team.

With 29 goals since making his first international appearance as an 18-year old in November 2007, Altidore’s next strike will make him the fifth player in MNT history to hit 30 international goals, joining the likes of Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Eric Wynalda and Brian McBride as the only other players to do so.

It’s a heady list of names – Wynalda and McBride are already U.S. Soccer Hall of Famers -- while Donovan and Dempsey are surely on their way there and hold the top two positions as the MNT’s leading goal scorers.  Should Jozy score his 30th sometime soon, it’ll put him in some interesting spots in comparison to the goal scoring quartet.

For starters, his next goal will tie him with McBride for fourth on the all-time list and put him within earshot of Wynalda (34) for third. But there’s also a timing aspect here for Altidore. In terms of caps, he won’t be the fastest be depending on when he does it, he could come close.

That goes to Wynalda, who hit his 30th goal in just his 83rd U.S. MNT cap, in a 3-2 World Cup Qualifying loss defeat at Costa Rica on March 23, 1997. If Altidore can score against either Brazil on Tuesday night or in the CONCACAF Cup match against Mexico on Oct. 10, he’d beat out Landon Donovan as the second fastest MNT player to 30 goals.

Least Caps to 30 Goals


# of Caps to 30 Goals

Eric Wynalda


Landon Donovan


Clint Dempsey


Brian McBride


Jozy Altidore*

84 caps/29 goals

When judging by minutes, there’s another timing aspect for Altidore. While Wynalda also achieved his 30 goals in the least amount of minutes on the field (5,523), Altidore has scored his 29 after playing only 5,791 minutes for the National Team. That’s 359 minutes less than McBride, or just a touch under four full matches that he could lock in a spot as the second fastest MNT player to hit 30 goals.

Least Minutes to 30 goals


# of Caps to 30 Goals

Eric Wynalda


Brian McBride


Clint Dempsey


Landon Donovan


Jozy Altiore*

29 goals/5,791 minutes

Finally, whenever he does hit 30, he won’t be the youngest to do it either -- Donovan holds that distinction. The MNT’s all-time leading goal scorer’s third goal in the team’s 3-1 friendly win against Ecuador on March 25, 2007 was also his 30th and he did it exactly three weeks after turning 25 years old. That said, a couple months away from his 26th birthday, Altidore has a bit of time some time to become the second youngest MNT player to hit 30 goals, as Wynalda is next in line, having done it at 27 years, 287 days.

Youngest to 30 Goals



Landon Donovan

25 years, 21 days

Eric Wynalda

27 years, 287 days

Clint Dempsey

29 years, 221 days

Brian McBride

33 years, 343 days

Jozy Altidore*

29 goals in 25 years 306 days

With both Donovan and Altidore beginning with the MNT at age 18, from a statistical standpoint, Jozy certainly still has the potential to rise up the U.S. goal scoring chart and even challenge Landon’s all-time record of 57 goals. 

Highlights: MNT Delivers 2-1 Comeback Win Against Peru at RFK Stadium

The #USMNT came back from a halftime deficit behind a two goals from Jozy Altidore to defeat Peru 2-1 in Washington D.C.

Quotesheet:"It was important to get a result. It does a lot for the group."


On his thoughts on the match:
“Obviously we saw why Peru finished third in the Copa America. It’s a very good team. I think the work that Coach Gareca is doing there is outstanding and I gave him a huge compliment after the game. It’s a very disciplined, very organized team that you can see is used to playing together. It’s always the same 11, which is kind of a pleasure we don’t have with all the things that go on our end. I’m very pleased with how the team came back. Obviously, I think we had a very good start in the first 15 minutes and then they took over. A deflected shot put us down a goal, and then I think the last 10-12 minutes before the break we had our chances and there was a lot of energy there. They pushed it higher up the field. That was the message at halftime. We had the same approach like we finished the first half and we got rewarded with two goals. Obviously we’re very pleased for Jozy Altidore. Coming back and scoring two goals is the best medicine for any striker. There’s no doubt about it.”

On the answers he got about his team from the match against Peru:
“For us coaches it’s the most interesting time – obviously you see every training session, but mostly you see it in the games – players just kind of throwing themselves in there and what type of influence they have on the game. I think we saw a lot of positives. We don’t need to talk to individuals, but I think they got the message. Like the energy tonight, they had it in every training session. They were very serious about it. We already talked about the Mexico clash coming up and so the response throughout the entire team was very positive. I was not upset at all at halftime being a goal down. I said, ‘It was a deflected chance, it happens. Guys, we’re going to go back into this game and turn it around,’ and that was really fun to watch.”

On how the team adjusted to having Tim Ream, Michael Orozco and Geoff Cameron play fullback:
“It is kind of the way things are with us. We never really get the same group together. We always have to make adjustments, we always have to move pieces around and you try to do that the best way possible. That’s why I made three switches at halftime, because I want to get them time on the field.  I want them to prove a point, independent of the result in that moment. I think all of them did fine. That’s good. There’s good energy there, also there’s support for each other in the locker room, even in competition for those spots. It’s very respectful, but it is very dynamic as well. I thought Tim Ream played a very solid game. He won many one against one situations, played really simple out of the back – that’s what we asked him to do, which he’s known for. I think also both for Michael Orozco and Geoff Cameron, they did their jobs. Geoff came in there, he was hungry for that game and definitely had very good moments. We feel good about our defenders that they can get the job done.”

On the importance of playing well and getting a result:
“It’s just important that the guys understand the moment and pull out a lot of energy and try to do well. We saw that in the training sessions – there was a lot of good work there and they were eager to play Peru. They’re even more eager to play Brazil, because when do you get to play Brazil? They also know who they played. I think it was a great benchmark there tonight with that team, because of what they achieved in the Copa America, but also how they played football. They have smart players. For 10-15 minutes in the first half, they moved the ball around and we had to run a little. Then we kind of got the majority of the possession again. It’s a very positive takeaway.”

On what the team’s identity is:
“What we always want to see is that they are very, very proud to represent their nation. That they go out there and know that this is special when they get on the field. We want them to melt together and become a stronger group. Players come in from different backgrounds, with different agendas, with different personal issues, it will always take time to get everybody on the same page and this is part of our job as coaches, to quickly as possible think about who they represent and what they’re there for. We try to do that and I think the process is going well. We want them to enjoy that moment when they go out on the field, but also to feel a responsibility and to do well.”

On the team’s outlook on possession:
“It’s definitely a good thing that even if you have less possession that you find a way to win a game. You can ask the players – you’d rather have the ball than run after the ball. It’s as simple as that. Especially with those 15 minutes in the first half where they moved the ball around and we couldn’t kind of grab them, this is tiring. At the end of the day we’re losing an awful lot of energy chasing the ball and that’s why I’m saying it’s better to keep it, and if you keep it you let the ball do the work and you don’t have to run that much. Some guys, I don’t know how much ground they cover. I think it’s important to always emphasize that process that we want to have more possession, that we want to have the ball run, that we want to make the other team do more of the work than we do to chase the ball. We still have a ways to go. We emphasize it in training sessions. We play only one or two touches, and actually when they do that in training after a time when they get into it they look really good. In the moment when you have so many touches – maybe four, five, six times – that’s when you get in trouble. That’s when you start to lose a lot of energy. “

On the decision to make Jozy Altidore captain:
“Jozy has already been captain several times in the last year and he also has the most caps. When he has that honor, when he has that privilege, he’s full of pride. It gives him something very special – he’s proud of that moment. He’s coming from a difficult couple months with the Gold Cup, getting back into rhythm with Toronto and coming off the bench here and there. The hope in that game was for him to really enjoy the maximum he has and we’ll see how long that goes. I was actually surprised that he went all the way. I timed it more the way that a certain player would come on for Jozy, but I saw he was good. That’s a real good sign, so it’s just great to have him back.”

On the team’s resilience to come back and win:
“I think the first kind of signs came towards the end of the first half where we pushed and really created some chances and they were on their toes. We didn’t put the ball in the net there, but every team will have problems when you’re able to push them back, move around quickly and have crosses flying in, because with crosses anything can happen at any moment. That’s what we told them at halftime: be confident, bring the back line up almost to the half way line, and be attentive to the long balls in case they’re coming. We tried it and got rewarded.”

On Gyasi Zardes’ role in the team:
“He’s an endless worker. He’s giving everything he has and he has very surprising moments in his game. He has speed. With his dribbling he can take people on. He gives us a new element that we didn’t have in the World Cup last year because of that speed and flank play and also with his tremendous work going back and helping out, we suddenly have another option there that we can play out a bit. Something we missed in the World Cup was speed, and now we him on one flank and on the other DeAndre Yedlin, who makes it not that easy for opponents. We all know Gyasi can also play up front and it’s something he likes even more, but he always says ‘No matter where you put me, I’ll give everything I have’ and that’s what you saw tonight. We have to recover him quickly for Brazil.”

On how Gyasi Zardes has improved the past year:
“I think Gyasi’s game has become a lot more consistent and obviously Bruce Arena is doing a fantastic job with him at the Galaxy. He really grew him. He gives him different variations to his game. Sometimes he’s up with Robbie Keane, sometimes he goes on the flank, and so he gave him different cards to play out, which helps us as well. Am I comfortable with him for the Mexico game? Absolutely. He’s growing and has such a fast speed, he’s a highly intelligent kid and you know that he’ll give you everything he has. I always tell him not to worry about mistakes. As long as you try and help out, it’s all good. I think that’s how he is with the Galaxy and you can see that in his game.”


On bouncing back from the Gold Cup with two goals against Peru:
“It wasn’t really that difficult a summer. I was coming off an injury and so I look at it as a setback. To come back in the group and be part of a great night at RFK was special. To wear the armband was also very memorable for me.”

On his second goal:
“I got the ball from Bobby and saw DeAndre make that run. I just tried to reach DeAndre and he’s so fast, he can turn so many plays upside down with his speed and he did real well to get to the line, cross it back and it was a great team goal.”

On what was said at halftime:
“We had to be more aggressive. We had to press more. I thought the second half we made it so much harder for Peru to play the way they wanted to play and I think that was the difference.”

On the importance of getting a win after the Gold Cup:
“Obviously, yeah. Especially going into the next two games, it was important to get a result. It does a lot for the group and now we have another tough test on Tuesday against Brazil. These games help prepare you for what’s to come against Mexico.”

On the team gaining confidence heading into the Mexico game:
“Wins give confidence, they boost morale. We go up against Brazil again, we try to get something out of that game and we look for that match against Mexico.”

U.S. MNT goalkeeper BRAD GUZAN

On bouncing back from the Gold Cup with a win against Peru:
“It’s great. First of all it’s always an honor and a privilege to be in with this group and also it’s exciting for us to get back together. Obviously for us knowing what’s on the horizon in October, these two games have that much more importance.”

On the deflection on Peru’s goal:
“It was a bit unlucky, a bit unfortunate. In those instances, I think we could still do a little bit better. In that period of the game, I think we were giving them a little too much respect and time on the ball. In the second half we came out and put them on the back foot. We put them under pressure, we didn’t allow them space and time on the ball and when we do that, we’re able to win the ball in dangerous areas, get forward and put the guys we know can get us goals into dangerous positions and tonight we did that.”

On his two-save sequence:
“It was a wide free kick and you’re just trying to keep the ball out of the back of the net for the first one. The second one, I just did enough to get my body behind it. At that point you’re just doing whatever you can to keep it from going behind you. Luckily I was able to do that.”

On the communication with a variety of defenders on the night:
“It was good. It’s never easy when you have different guys coming and going, making changes. Obviously the coaching staff needs to look at players, so you find a way to work with one another. We’re all in here for a reason, we all believe in each other, we all try to help each other and that’s important. At times it still could have been better. Overall I thought the guys worked really hard tonight and fair play to them, because I thought we were the better team and we deserved to win.”

U.S. MNT midfielder GYASI ZARDES

On the team’s performance:
“I felt like the team had a great performance tonight. There were a couple times in the first half where Peru controlled the game, but at halftime we got our act together and in the second half we performed extremely well.”

On his confidence playing on the wing:
“I felt very confident playing out wide. Not only that, but just receiving the ball at a wider position and having players overlap me. During training this week, Jurgen really touched on wingers getting the ball and creating opportunities and crossing the ball in. I feel like those training exercises really benefitted myself in this game.”

On becoming more comfortable on the wing:
“As time has gone by, I’m getting more comfortable. I’m still learning. I’m still constantly talking to Tim Ream throughout the whole game, just defensively on my positioning. Attacking wise, you’re like a striker. I love playing that position as well and learning as much as I can.”

On his partnership with Tim Ream on the left:
“I felt like it was great. They tried to overload our side a couple times, but I think we did a great job tonight.”

On his confidence to take players on:
“Taking guys on is something that’s always growing, as a striker and as a winger. I’m starting to see the game differently. They gave me space, so I tried to utilize it with my speed.“

On Jurgen’s push to have players make a point to be on the roster for the Mexico game:
“He made it a crucial point before this game, that this is what we’re working for and looking ahead to. Coming out for this game, my mentality is to give it my all. I know my opponent and I’m really just trying to play to my full potential. I think tonight was a great game, and I’m hopeful to keep progressing as a player and go into the next game.”

Strong Second Half Guides MNT Past Peru 2-1 in Washington, D.C.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Sept. 4, 2015) – Led by a pair of goals from the night’s captain Jozy Altidore, the U.S. Men’s National Team defeated Peru 2-1 in front of a crowd of 28,896 at RFK Stadium. 

Trailing 1-0 after the first half, the U.S. came out strong on the attack in the second. After a series of chances Altidore earned a terrific equalizing opportunity when he was tripped up in the box. The captain stepped up to take the PK, and while his shot was blocked, Altidore collected and buried the rebound. Nine minutes later, and after a brilliant series of saves by goalkeeper Brad Guzan that kept the game level, Altidore broke the tie with another goal that proved to be the game-winner.

As the clock ticked away, the MNT defense stood stout against the Peru attack to preserve the 2-1 score line through to the final whistle. With the victory the USA improved to 3-2-1 all-time against Peru.

The match was the first of two tune-up games for the MNT ahead of the CONCACAF Cup against Mexico on Oct. 10. The USA will be back on the field in four days when it takes on five-time World Cup champion Brazil at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

Goal Scoring Rundown:
PER– Daniel Chavez (Andre Carrillo) 20th minute: Andre Carrillo pushed towards the USA box, before he suddenly turned on the jets and cut inside, centering the ball in to Daniel Chavez. Chavez was able to turn and from just outside the box took a shot that glanced off MNT defender Omar Gonzalez. The deflection spun wickedly and dipped just over U.S. goalkeeper Brad Guzan’s outstretched arm and into the goal. USA 0, PER 1

USA– Jozy Altidore (penalty kick) 59th minute: Geoff Cameron made a long throw-in to the box where Jozy Altidore backed down his defender and flicked the ball over the top. As he muscled past his defender, Altidore’s trailing leg was clipped, setting up the penalty. Altidore took the PK and blasted it to the right, where the Peru ‘keeper made a diving block. Altidore followed his shot and jumped to kick in the rebound to level the game.  USA 1, PER 1

USA– Jozy Altidore (Gyasi Zardes) 68th minute: DeAndre Yedlin rocketed down the right hand side to catch up with a long through ball. The fleetfooted attacker evaded his marker and squared the ball in the Peru box for an arriving Altidore, who was beaten to it by a defender. However, the ball ended up at the feet of Gyasi Zardes on the opposite side of the pitch. Zardes cut in and powered a low cross through the six yard box. A deflection through the legs of a Peru defenseman saw the ball find an unmarked Altidore, who volleyed home the game winner. USA 2, PER 1 FINAL (SEE GOAL)

Key Saves and Defensive Stops:
PER– Diego Penny (save) 39th minute: Jermaine Jones broke for the USA’s first big chance of the game. He dribbled from midfield aggressively to the left, shielding off his defender with his right arm. From 25 yards out, he blasted a left-footed shot that brought back memories of his goal against Portugal in the 2014 World Cup. Unfortunately, for Jones and the U.S., Peru’s ‘keeper Diego Penny reached it, coming out to cut down the angle and narrowly tip the strike over the bar. 

USA- Brad Guzan (save) 67th minute: A well bent free kick found a jumping Carlos Zambrono, who sent a sharp header at goal that was saved by a diving Guzan. The ball bounced off the ‘keepers hands and to the crashing Renato Tapia, who’s shot was saved again by Guzan as he trapped it tightly between his outstretched legs. (SEE SAVE) 

Coming up Next: #USAvBRA
Location: Gillette Stadium – Foxborough, Mass.
Date: September 8, 2015
Opponent: Brazil 

Milestone Watch:

  • Jozy Altidore scored the 28th and 29th goals of his career. It was Altidore’s first multi-goal game since he tallied a double in the MNT’s match against Nigeria in the USA’s 2014 Send-Off Series. Altidore is now one goal behind Brain McBride (30), who ranks fourth on the MNT’s all-time goal-scoring list.

Additional Notes:

  • Jermaine Jones returned to the USA starting lineup for the first time since Feb. 8 when he played as a center back in a 2-0 win against Panama at StubHub Center.
  • Jozy Altidore made the start as the team’s captain. It was his first time wearing the armband since he captained the squad on Nov. 18, 2014, when the team dropped a 4-1 result to Ireland in Dublin. The MNT is now 3-1-0 when Altidore wears the captain’s arm band.
  • Geoff Cameron came on at the start of the second half, earning his first cap of 2015 with his first appearance since the USA’s match against Ireland on Nov. 14, 2014.
  • Matt Besler, who came on as a sub in the second half , made his first USMNT appearance since Feb. 8 when he helped the team to a 2-0 win against Panama at StubHub Center.
  • Omar Gonzalez and John Brooks paired in central defense for the third time in 2015. In the three matches the duo has started in the center of the defense together, the MNT has allowed only two goals while scoring seven.
  • Bobby Wood made just his second international start of his career in tonight’s game. His first came against Chile in the MNT’s opening match of 2015.
  • Gyasi Zardes and DeAndre Yedlin each made their 14th appearances of the year in tonight’s match. That total ties the young attacking pair with Michael Bradley for the most MNT caps so far in 2015.
  • The U.S. now holds a 3-2-1 record all-time against Peru.
  • This matchup was the first between the teams in more than 15 years. The U.S. defeated Peru 1-0 in Miami in the group stage of the 2000 Gold Cup, with Cobi Jones scoring the game-winner in the previous matchup.

- U.S. Men’s National Team Match Report – 

Match: U.S. Men’s National Team vs. Peru
Date: Sept. 4, 2015
Competition: International Friendly
Venue: RFK Stadium; Washington, D.C.
Kickoff: 7 p.m. ET
Attendance: 28,896
Weather: 83 degrees; Mostly cloudy, humid 

Scoring Summary:   1          2          F
USA                            0          2          2
PER                            1          0          1 

PER – Daniel Chávez (Andre Carrillo)           20th minute
USA – Jozy Altidore                                       59
USA – Jozy Altidore (Gyasi Zardes)              68 

USA: 1-Brad Guzan; 15-Michael Orozco (20-Geoff Cameron, 46), 3-Omar Gonzalez (19-Ventura Alvarado, 46), 6-John Brooks (5-Matt Besler, 63), 23-Tim Ream; 2-DeAndre Yedlin, 13-Jermaine Jones (14-Danny Williams, 72), 11-Alejandro Bedoya (10-Mix Diskerud, 46), 21-Gyasi Zardes; 17-Jozy Altidore (capt.), 18-Bobby Wood (9-Aron Johannsson, 71)
Subs Not Used: 7-Alfredo Morales, 12-Tim Howard, 24-Joe Corona, 26-Andrew Wooten
Head Coach: Jurgen Klinsmann 

PER: 1-Pedro Gallese; 5-Carlos Zambrano, 6-Juan Manuel Vargas, 8-Christian Cueva (13-Edison Flores, 82), 10-Jefferson Farfan, 16-Carlos Lobaton (capt.) (19-Victor Yotun, 72), 17-Luis Advincula, 18-Andre Carrillo (7-Paolo Hurtado, 64), 21-Josepmir Ballon (24-Renato Tapia, 64), 22-Carlos Ascues, 23-Daniel Chavez (14-Ivan Bulos Guerrero, 82)
Subs Not Used: 2-Jair Cespedes, 3-Hansell Riojas, 4-Pedro Requena, 9-Jose Paolo Guerrero, 12-Diego Penny, 15-Christian Ramos, 20-Joel Sanchez
Head coach: Ricardo Gareca 

Stats Summary: USA / PER
Shots: 16 / 15
Shots on Goal: 7 / 4
Saves: 3 / 3
Corner Kicks: 6 / 6
Fouls: 11 / 13
Offside: 1 / 1 

Misconduct Summary:
USA – John Brooks (caution)                         48th minute
USA – Jozy Altidore (caution)                        86 

Referee: Francisco Chacon (MEX)
Assistant Referee 1: Miguel Angel Hernandez (MEX)
Assistant Referee 2: Juan Rangel (MEX)
4th Official: Fernando Guerrero (MEX) 

Budweiser Man of the Match: TBD


Now a veteran presence at age 25, Jozy Altidore has added seasoning and sophistication to an already physically imposing game. He has developed range and positional sense in addition to superior body control. The two-time World Cup veteran moved into double digits in goals scored for the senior team, and is a critical part of the U.S. attack. After stints at five clubs in three years throughout Europe, Altidore found stability in 2011 with Dutch outfit AZ Alkmaar, where he finished with 51 goals in all competitions through two seasons and helped the team reach the quarterfinals of the 2013 UEFA Europa League. Following an 18-month spell at English Premier League side Sunderland, he returned to MLS and became a part of the massive project at Toronto FC.

  • Named 2013 U.S. Soccer Male Athlete of the Year for his record-breaking performance during the year
  • Set a U.S. MNT record by scoring in five straight games on his way to becoming joint top scorer for the U.S. in 2013 - tying Landon Donovan on eight goals
  • His four goals in 2013 FIFA World Cup Qualifying gave him 10 total and moved him into a tie for fourth on the MNT’s all-time WCQ goals scored with fellow forward Brian McBride
  • A critical force in the USA’s march to the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup final, scoring game-winning goals against Canada and Guadeloupe and earning Man of the Match honors in both games
  • His assist on Michael Bradley’s game-tying goal against Slovenia in the 2010 FIFA World Cup voted Best Assist for 2010 Best of U.S. Soccer Awards
  • Started all four 2010 World Cup matches, earning Man of the Match honors in the USA’s 1-0 victory against Algeria
  • Finished as the leading scorer for the U.S. in qualifying for the 2010 FIFA World Cup with six goals
  • Became the youngest player in U.S. Men’s National Team history to score a hat trick, tallying all three goals in the 3-0 victory in qualifying against Trinidad & Tobago on April 1, 2009, in Nashville
  • Part of Peter Nowak's Under-23 side that qualified for the Olympics in Beijing and appeared in all three games at the Olympics, scoring during the 2-2 tie on Aug. 10 against the Netherlands
  • Became the first U.S. international to score in Spain's La Liga when he grabbed a goal on Nov. 1, 2008, against Athletic Bilbao

2015: Named to the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup roster...Has played and started in six games for the MNT this year... Tallied the 27th goal of his career against Denmark on March 25, 2015, making him only three goals behind Brian McBride for fourth on the USA's all-time scoring list... Scored his 26th career goal in his 77th cap against Chile on Jan. 28, 2015... 2014: A bad hamstring strain suffered in the 23rd minute of the opening match against Ghana ended Altidore’s 2014 World Cup aspirations … He’d been on fine form in the lead-up, scoring a pair against Nigeria on June 7 in Jacksonville, Fla., in the final match of the Send-Off Series … Started and appeared in 10 matches … Scored in back-to-back matches against Honduras and third-ranked Colombia in London … 2013: With nine appearances (eight starts) and four goals in the 2013 Hexagonal, he has now amassed 26 career caps in World Cup qualifying and notched 10 tallies, tying for fourth on the USA’s all-time WCQ goals scored chart with Hall-of-Fame forward Brian McBride … Set a U.S. MNT record when he scored seven goals in five consecutive appearances from June 2-Aug. 14 … Handed the captain’s armband by head coach Jurgen Klinsmann for the first time in the team’s final 2013 FIFA World Cup Qualifier, a 3-2 win in Panama that handed the U.S. first place atop the Hex … Notched his second career hat-trick in an epic 4-3 comeback win at Bosnia-Herzegovina on Aug. 14 … 2012: Appeared in seven matches, starting three … Used his size and skill in the area to tee up Clint Dempsey for the game-winner in the historic 1-0 win against Italy on Feb. 29 in Genoa … Finished the year with a strong effort in the 2-2 draw against Russia on Nov. 14 in Krasnodar … 2011: Made 13 appearances for the MNT, scoring three goals to raise his career tally to 13 … Scored a penalty against Slovenia for the U.S.’s third goal in the 3-2 win on Nov. 15 … Played in four games in the CONCACAF Gold Cup, including the opening win against Canada when he converted a pass from Donovan in the 15th minute, and against Guadeloupe when he scored the game-winner in the ninth minute …. Earned Man of the Match honors for both games … A hamstring injury prevented him from playing in the final … 2010: Started all four matches at the 2010 FIFA World Cup … Registered an assist on Michael Bradley’s game-tying goal in the 2-2 draw on June 18 against Slovenia, knocking down a header to put the ball in the path of Bradley for the goal that kept the U.S. alive in the tournament … Earned Man of the Match honors for his efforts in that game … Pushed his career goal tally to double digits, scoring on May 29 against Turkey in the Send-Off Series, tapping home a feed from Landon Donovan and in the 2-2 draw on Oct. 9 against Poland when he took down a great through ball from Jermaine Jones … 2009: Finished with a career-high 17 appearances and six goals … Earned back-to-back Man of the Match honors by scoring in the 2-2 comeback draw on March 28 in El Salvador before potting a hat trick three days later at home against T&T in Nashville … Scored the game-winning goal against No. 1-ranked Spain on June 24 in the Confederations Cup semifinal, turning on Villarreal teammate Joan Capdevila before firing past goalkeeper Iker Casillas … Recorded his second game-winning goal in World Cup qualifying when he headed home a Donovan cross in first half stoppage time of the 2-1 win against El Salvador on Sept. 5 in Sandy, Utah … 2008: Earned his first start and scored his first MNT goal against Mexico during a 2-2 draw on Feb. 6, 2008, in Houston … Set a record at the time for the youngest player to score for the U.S. during the modern era … Made his first World Cup qualifying appearance as a substitute against Cuba in October, scoring the fifth goal of a 6-1 rout at RFK Stadium … 2007: Earned first cap with the MNT on Nov. 17, coming on as a sub in the 65th minute of the USA’s 1-0 victory against South Africa in the Nelson Mandela Challenge Cup … Under-23s: A member of the Olympic team that competed in Beijing in August 2008, he appeared in all three games during the tournament … Came on as a sub against the Netherlands and promptly scored when he tapped in a cross from Michael Orozco-Fiscal to give the U.S. a 2-1 lead … Started three of the four games he appeared in during Olympic qualifying, twice drawing fouls that set up U.S. goals on free kicks …  Under-20s: Earned 17 caps for the Under-20s, scoring six goals … Started all five games at the 2007 FIFA Under-20 World Cup, scoring four goals … Tallied both goals in the USA’s 2-1 win against Brazil … Also scored against Poland and in the quarterfinal match against Austria … Made his first U-20 appearance against reigning World Champion Argentina … Part of the CONCACAF qualifying team that finished at the top of the group … Played in two games during qualifying … Under-17s: Joined U.S. Soccer’s Residency Program in August 2004 … Youngest player on the roster when he joined Residency … Was a prolific scorer in 2005 with the ‘89s, scoring 19 goals in 26 games and adding four assists … Appeared in the 2005 Under-17 World Cup against Italy and the Netherlands … Was one of only three players born in 1989 to make roster … Tallied first international goal with the Under-17 team against Australia at the 2004 Nike Friendlies … Scored two of the team’s four goals to help the U.S. win the Toyota Football Championship in Japan in 2004. First Appearance: Nov. 17, 2007, vs. South Africa … First Goal: Feb. 6, 2008, vs. Mexico

2014: Struggled to find consistent form at Sunderland, experiencing a managerial change in the first part of his tenure … Finished his time in England with 42 appearances … 2013: Secured a transfer to English Premier League club Sunderland from Dutch side AZ Alkmaar after scoring 31 goals across all competitions, a record for American players in Europe … His 13th-minute goal in the KNVB Cup Final proved the game-winner and gave AZ its first Cup title since 1982 … 2012: Capped off an impressive first season with AZ by scoring 20 goals in all competitions, including 15 in league play that contributed to a fourth-place finish in the Eredivisie table … Finished seventh on the league goalscoring chart …Recorded four multiple-goal games, including a pair in a Europa League qualifier on Aug. 25 against Aalesund …Scored in his club debut, a 3-1 win against PSV on Aug. 7 … 2011: Transferred to AZ Alkmaar on a four-year contract on July 14, 2011, whose sporting director is former U.S. international and 2011 Hall of Fame Inductee Earnie Stewart … Scored five goals in his 16 Eredivisie games in the first half of the season, including a brace in the 4-0 victory against NEC Nijmegan … Scored a goal in his first game with AZ, a 3-1 win against PSV Eindhoven … Made seven appearances in the Europa League, scoring four goals … 2010-11: Loaned to defending Turkish League champion Bursaspor to close out the 2010-11 campaign … Finished the loan spell with 12 appearances and one goal … Scored his first goal for the Turkish side on April 8 … During the first half of the season, appeared in nine matches in all competitions for Villarreal, including four starts in the Europa League … Scored in both legs of the Copa del Rey fourth-round series against Polideportivo Ejido, helping Villarreal to a 3-1 aggregate goals victory …Made one league appearance, entering as a sub on Oct. 31 against Sporting Gijon … 2009-10: Moved to Hull City on loan for the 2009-10 campaign … Started his tenure in fine fashion, coming on the 60th minute and quickly setting up the game-winner in the 1-0 win on Aug. 22 against Bolton … Followed with the lone goal in the 1-0 victory in the Carling Cup against Southend United three days later … Appearances reached into double digits before the new year … Finished the loan spell at Hull City with 26 league appearances and one goal … 2008-09: Transferred to Villarreal of Spain's La Liga in June of 2008 for an MLS record fee thought to be around the $10 million mark … Debuted for Villarreal as a second half substitute against Deportivo La Coruña on Sept. 14 … Scored his first goal for the club on Nov. 1 when he netted in the 90th minute against Athletic Bilbao … Loaned to second division leaders Xerez in January, but the team’s form and minor toe surgery prevented Altidore from cracking the lineup … 2007: Had a breakout season with the Red Bulls in 2007, scoring nine goals and adding four assists in 15 games in his second season … 2006: Scored the game-winning goal in a 1-0 win against Columbus on Sept. 30, 2006, in just his second professional game … Played every minute (180) of the playoff series against D.C. in 2006, scoring the team’s lone goal of the series on a header in the second match … Finished rookie season with nine appearances and four goals … Drafted in the second round (17th overall) by the MetroStars (now the N.Y. Red Bulls) of Major League Soccer.