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w/ U-16 GNT Defender Camille Levin

National Team(s): U-16 GNT, U-15 GNT, U-14 Development Program
Hometown: Newport Beach, Calif.
Birthdate: 04/24/1990
Height: 5’3”
Club: Slammers SC

Camille Levin is your normal 16-year-old Californian who just got her license: ready to drive to the beach. But she’s also ready for a few other things, like working her butt off to continue being one of the best soccer players in the U.S. Levin is the first person in her family to make it to the U.S. National Team scene and she’s pretty excited about it. Considering her qualities as a defender, we’re pretty excited about it too…

In the Spotlight

1. When did you get invited into your first camp? What was your reaction?
“Well, the Under-14 identification camp. At the time, I didn’t really expect any of this to happen because we weren’t really familiar with the whole process, so it was really exciting and a huge honor even for that.”

2. What did you learn most in your first national team camp?
“How tough it is to be in the top bunch in the nation and that I have to keep working hard if I want to stay up there.”

3. Where do you see yourself in five years?
“Playing in college, hopefully. And, possibly continuing on with the National Team.”

4. What’s your best soccer moment?
“With my club team, winning our State Cup and Regionals. That was Under-12, three years ago.”

5. If you could have lunch with any three national team players, who would you choose?
“I would choose Landon Donovan, Michelle Akers and Mia Hamm. Michelle Akers just because of how she was able to play and fight through everything that she was going through. It just shows a lot of heart and desire. Landon Donovan is one of the best men’s soccer players in the U.S. and he’s also really fun to watch. He’s really calm on the ball. He settles everything down for the U.S. Mia Hamm can score goals and finish.

6. Where’s your favorite place to go now that you just got your license?
“I haven’t really gone anywhere yet, really. Maybe to the beach.”

Do you have a favorite beach?
“I don’t have a favorite but, I guess, Newport Beach.”

7. What type of music do you listen to, and do you have a favorite band?
“Basically I listen to everything, including county. I like The Frey.”

8. What’s the one thing that you can’t leave home without?
“My iPod. It’s a video iPod.”

9. Favorite soccer team in the world and why?
“My favorite soccer team, I think, would be Barcelona. First of all, Ronaldinho is my favorite player and he’s on that team, and they’re just all extremely skilled and fast. They’re just fun to watch.”