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Post-Match Quote Sheet: U.S. U-17 WNT 9, Trinidad & Tobago 1

U.S. U-17 WNT Head Coach Kazbek Tambi

On the U.S. team’s performance:
“We’re very pleased to go into the next stage. We’ve taken the first group one game at a time and tonight was important for us because a tie or a victory was going to put us through in first place in our group. That’s what we wanted. I’m very proud of the players. They had an awesome game and we’re through to the next stage.

“I had no idea going into this tournament how convincing we would be in these initial stages but, it seems that every day, that as we’ve gotten used to playing on the field, the environment, the country and the tournament, we’ve gotten better with each day. Again, I had no idea going in, but the next stage is still a whole new ball game and it starts 0-0 again with Mexico so we can’t look too far now. Our next mission will be to try to prepare and have a strong match against Mexico.”

On the play of Trinidad & Tobago:
“I thought that they played well at times tonight. I know that perhaps that one of the differences between us and them is that we were together for several months before coming in here. We’ve been lucky enough, in my instance, to have several training camps, a couple of international trips, with this group so we’ve maybe had a little bit of a headstart over some of the teams here, including T & T. But I think T & T has great potential, solid players and I think they should be nothing but proud of their tournament. They came very close and basically lost out on goal difference as far as going forward so I think this was not a bad tournament for T & T and they have a lot to look forward to in the future.”

On the U.S. Women's key to being a women’s soccer powerhouse:
“Well, in the United States we have a little bit of an advantage because girls’ football has been around for many years. It has been very organized. I have gotten the resources to put my National Team together, six, seven training camps before we got here. It’s a combination of all those factors that have helped us get to a strong level. There’s no reason why T & T can’t become a great soccer program in the next couple of years to come. I think if the resources are put into the girls’ side, there’s tremendous athleticism and creativity in the Caribbean. You see that on the men’s side. If the men can play great, there’s no reason why the women won’t be able to get there in the near future, also.”

U.S. U-17 WNT Midfielder Samantha Johnson

On the team’s mentality going into the next round:
“The team feels very good. We just try to go out every game and take it game by game, practice by practice and work very hard. We feel good about the wins but we aren’t try to get in over our heads. We still have to get past Mexico. If we do that we’ll be happy.”

On her experience in Trinidad:
“It’s been very different but we like it a lot. We’re having a lot of fun. We go out when we’re not practicing. We do a lot of things together.”

U.S. U-17 WNT Midfielder Erika Tymrak

On the match:
“Trinidad put up a great fight but we came out on the field calm and confident and we just played our game and I think it showed out there tonight. (Our game is) just passing the ball, possessing and then, when we get a chance, we attack and we finish, like we did tonight.”

On her four assists during the match:
“I try and penetrate up the flank as much as I can, and when I get the chance I’ll slip (my teammates) the ball or I’ll cross them. They’re really good at finishing and they did a great job today.”

On facing Mexico in the next round:
“Mexico is a great competitor but I think that as long as we keep up what we’re doing and keep on training well, we’re going to walk out with a win.”