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U-17 Goals

You say you’re a fan of the U.S. Under-17 Men’s National Team and followed the team closely over the past two years. Maybe you’ve read all the U-17 match reports on, stared at your computer until your eyes hurt as you followed’s MatchTracker during the team’s qualifying games and even know that Preston Zimmerman had broken his nose multiple times over the past year.

But have you ever even seen footage of one U-17 goal? A true fan would travel down to Bradenton to catch a game. Or follow the team to an international tournament in Europe or Asia. Slacker!

Okay, so maybe we’re being a bit harsh. Well, a lot harsh. Their games are rarely on TV and unless you’re a parent of a player we get the fact you aren’t tracking the team around the globe.

With the FIFA U-17 World Championship just around the corner, we figured you’d like to see get an exclusive look into what you’ll hopefully be getting to see during the tournament. That’s right, goals by Quavas Kirk, Preston Zimmerman, Ryan Soroka and many more players on the U-17 MNT from 2005.