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Rules of Competition for CONCACAF Olympic Qualifying

With the start of CONCACAF Men’s Olympic Qualifying just hours away, we thought it would be good to catch you up on the rules of competition as established by FIFA. This is a FIFA event, even though it is run by CONCACAF.

  • Teams can include 20 players on the qualifying roster, and cannot include any overage players. (The roster size is smaller for the Olympic Games. The 16 teams that will compete for a gold medal in London are only able to include 18 players.)
  • All 20 players will dress for matches and will be eligible to be selected as substitutes
  • A maximum of three substitutes will be allowed per game

Disciplinary Rules
  • Any player who accumulates two yellow cards during the competition will receive a one-match suspension for the next game
  • Any yellow cards accumulated will carry throughout the tournament. Cards will not be ‘erased’ after the group phase
  • Any player sent off in the final will serve the suspension in the first match of the Olympic Games

  • If two teams are tied on points at the end of the group phase for either first or second place, the following criteria will be used to determine which team advances:
    • Goal Differential
    • Goals Scored
    • Head-to-head
  • If teams are tied in all these categories, a playoff match will be played to determine which team advances (date and time TBD)
  • If three teams are tied at the end of the group phase for either first or second place, the same criteria will be used as it applies the matches amongst the three tied teams