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Getting to Know U-20 WNT Striker Michelle Enyeart

Even though she's found the back of the net six times through four games of the CONCACAF Qualifying tournament, Michelle Enyeart is more than just a goal-scorer. The usually quiet University of Portland sophomore talked to about solving mysteries, sculpting and her lime green sombrero.

Center Circle: To what do you attribute your rampant scoring throughout this tournament?
Michelle Enyeart: I have to attribute it to our team playing together and people getting good balls forward. It’s been giving everyone opportunities to score. We’ve just been playing well together as a team and creating those chances, and we’ve been able to put them away.

CC: What is your greatest strength as a player?
ME: I guess it would be my speed and my mentality. I actually get mad pretty easily, and that’s when I tend to like running by people so it kind of just works out. My parents were both sprinters so I guess I have good genes. They both ran track in college and my Dad actually ran the 800 in the 1976 Olympics.

CC: There was a play against Cuba where nobody scored, but your teammate, Alex Morgan was issued a yellow card for running into the goalkeeper – did you frame Alex during that play?
ME: Of course I did! No, I didn’t frame her. She went into the goalkeeper to challenge for a rebound and I followed up as well. I went to jump over the ‘keeper and accidentally skimmed her ponytail with her foot. I just jogged back nonchalantly, not thinking anything of it and she got a yellow card. I didn’t frame her, I actually felt terrible.

CC: How have you been enjoying your time in Puebla?
ME: I’ve been watching a lot of episodes of CSI, which is one of the shows we have in English. I’ve also been looking out the window and enjoying the lightning storms every day, I really enjoy those. I talk to my Mom and Dad on the computer a lot and just kind of cruise the internet and read my book (Green River Running Red) about a real-life serial prostitute murder. It’s pretty interesting. Yesterday, the internet went down and I really didn’t know what to do with myself. I actually watched an episode of Dr. Phil here. I’ve also been watching The Bachelorette episodes online.

CC: Do you have a favorite in The Bachelorette?
ME: Well, it’s down to three and my favorite is Jason. I can’t tell if he’s The Bachelorette’s favorite, but he already has a kid so I think that hurts him a little because she’s a little unsure about it.

CC: You seem to have enjoyed the team’s trip to Cholula – What’s up with the lime green sombrero?
ME: Well, I wanted a sombrero because we’re in Mexico. And lime green is my favorite color. So I thought that’d be perfect. The lady accepted American money so I bought it. I’m going to surprise my Mom, my Dad and my boyfriend at the airport by wearing it when they pick me up on Sunday. I haven’t told them about it.

CC: Have you been enjoying the food here?
ME: Some of it. I love the beans, chips and salsa that they’ve finally included with just about every meal for us. The food has been good. It’s getting us through the week and gives us energy to play so that’s good enough for me!

CC: Do you eat a lot of Mexican food at home in Hemut, Calif.?
ME: Yes, Taco Shop is my favorite. I’m very specific because we have about eight taco joints in Hemut. I am obsessed with their taquitos, and that’s going to be the first meal I have when I get home on Sunday evening, directly from the airport while wearing my sombrero. I have that meal after pretty much every trip I go on.

CC: So, you’re going to leave Mexico and immediately go to a taco joint in the United States?
ME: Yes!

CC: Aside from your artistry on the ball, you also like to sculpt and paint. Do you still keep up with those hobbies?
ME: Yes, I do. I go to Target and buy the clay that’s supposed to be for kids. Recently I’ve made a heart that’s got a Bible verse written on it, and then I made something with my family name on it. Right before this trip I actually made a soccer field, complete with little people that are probably about a centimeter high. It had a little goal, a ball, corner flags and everything. I really enjoy that.

CC: Is there anything you’re not good at?
ME: Well, I wish I was a good singer. I always sing and I don’t feel right making other people listen. I do wish I had a better voice.

CC: If you weren’t pursuing a career in soccer, what would you be doing?
ME: Well, I have actually started studying forensics in school. I love it. My Dad’s in the FBI now and I can’t decide whether I want to go into the FBI or into forensics. I watch CSI and I watch all the murder shows and I get really excited when I figure them out. I’m also taking a bunch of criminal justice classes. I think I like it because of the mystery and partly just catching people when they think they’ve gotten away with something. There’s always that one piece of evidence!