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U-20 MNT 'What I Want for the Holidays'

Defender Ofori Sarkodie
“I want a new watch. I’ve had my old one for a long time and I think it’s time for an upgrade.”

U-20 Assistant Coach Tim “Big Cat” Mulqueen
“I’m hoping to get the fifth season of ‘24,’ as that’s my favorite show, and also a Brady Quinn jersey. Go Fighting Irish!”

U-20 Assistant Coach Brian Maisoneuve
“I’m hoping for a quiet voice from my fellow assistant, Tim Mulqueen. Or some ear muffs.”

Forward Andre Akpan
“I just really want to make the qualifying team.”

Defender Julian Valentin
“A trip to Denver to see my girlfriend.”

Midfielder Alejandro Bedoya

U-20 Assistant Coach Dave Dir
“I’d really like a Porsche Targa, but there’s really no way I’m getting that.”

Midfielder Jeremy Hall
“I’m looking to get a pair of Jordan’s and that’s about it.”

Defender Blake Wagner
“I’m not getting this, but it would be sick to get a Viper to drive around in.”

Forward Mike Grella
“All I have now is a little TV, so if I could get a 50-inch plasma that would be the best gift ever.”

Defender Kyle Davies
“I’m hoping to get a new laptop. It doesn’t matter what kind of computer, just any kind that works and I can get on the Internet.”

Goalkeeper Brian Perk
“The Xbox 360. And also a couple games to go along with it – Gears of War and EA Sports FIFA 07.”

U-20 Head Coach Thomas Rongen
“I just want to make ‘IT’ happen.” (editor’s note: Rongen did not provide any more information on what “IT” was, but were thinking it might be “qualifying for the U-20 FIFA World Cup.”)

Midfielder Danny Szetela
“All I want is to spend some quality time with my girlfriend.”

Midfielder Dax McCarty
“I’m hoping to get a new MP3 player and the third season of ‘Entourage’ on DVD.”