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Post-Match Quote Sheet: USA 5, Mexico 1

Post-Match Quote Sheet
U.S. 5, Mexico 1
St. Louis, Mo. – Oct. 13, 2007

U.S. head coach Greg Ryan
On the flow of the game:
“I’m really happy about the way the players turned it around (after giving up the first goal). We had an injury to Marian Dalmy, so we had to play in a different system. It worked really well for us. It’s just great to see the players enjoying playing like this. I thought they played some great soccer tonight.”

On the crowd:
“The fans were great. It was great to get Lori (Chalupny) a little ovation at the end when she’s coming off. There was lots of energy and fun. It was just great. We wanted to pull her off at the end so that the hometown fans could cheer for her.”

On Hope Solo’s statement:
“I think Hope has shown tremendous courage by coming in and initiating reconciliation with the team. I’m proud of her and she’s shown a lot of courage. I think she has done the right thing, and that’s hard to do. All athletes, it’s passionate, it’s emotional, but I think she’s making the right decisions and I’m proud of her.”

U.S. forward Abby Wambach
On the fans:
“It was a great, great atmosphere. St. Louis brought a great crowd, really knowledgeable about the game. And luckily enough, we were able to stick in some goals at the end to give them something to cheer about.”

On the early let down:
“It can be really difficult (coming off a World Cup) because as a team whenever you’re focus is based on one tournament, there’s always this emotional and physical, not letdown, but you have to recover. We were trying to peak for the World Cup, so it was just natural for us to have had a weird first 20 minutes…We were able to bounce back at the end of the first half and get a goal to equalize, and then be able to come out in the second half and play our real soccer.”

On coming off the World Cup:
“It’s been an emotional past couple of weeks. It was disappointing not to have won the World Cup, but you have to pick your head up and come back because this is why you do it. You can’t win every tournament that you play in. All we can do is look forward to the Olympics and train so that we can come home with the gold medal.”

On missing a late chance to score:
“I’m upset because Angie played me a great ball. And I could have even had a couple of more goals, but it’s not about that now. Right now it’s about celebrating the fans, giving them something to cheer about. I’m more sorry for them that they couldn’t see another goal tonight.”

U.S. midfielder Lori Chalupny
On playing in front of the hometown crowd:
“It feels so good to get back home and play. This is a great crowd that came out to the game. I’m so pleased, and I am glad we were able to get a nice victory for them and get some fun goals.”

On the game:
“It was a bit of an unfortunate goal against us, and we really just rallied back. We all had smiles on our faces out there and just tried to have fun and play for these fans.”

On being subbed out to an ovation:
“It was nice to be able to give everybody a wave and thank everybody. When you get that applause it’s always nice.”

U.S. forward Kristine Lilly
On the flow of the game:
“We were a little flat coming out, but I think we started to play better as the game wore on. That’s good because these fans come out to support us and we have to put a good show– the second half was a lot better.”

On the crowd:
“It was a great crowd today. We haven’t been back to St. Louis in a while so it was nice to come back here. It’s nice to hear people chanting USA, even though they had a lot of Mexico chants, but it was nice to here the USA chants.”