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Post-Match Quotes: U.S. MNT vs. Scotland - November 12, 2005

U.S. MNT Manager Bruce Arena
On the match and U.S. performance:
"I thought it was a good match," said U.S. manager Bruce Arena. "It was a game where we were only able to field four of our first team players. We always have a concern about continuity and how the players will play over 90 minutes. I think the second 45 minutes were solid from start to finish. I was pleased with that. We had the opportunity to look at a lot of new faces so it was very positive for us," Arena said. "Anywhere you go on the road in the world, it's always difficult to get a result. At the end of the day, it's certainly not the worst score line for us."

On seeing some of the younger players:
“I was pleased that some of our young players had the opportunity to see their first international match. Overall, a good way for us to start and begin the process of identifying players that might be part of our 23-man roster next year.”

On the Scottish players:
“I think (Darren) Fletcher is an outstanding player. I thought he had a great game. I thought James McFadden at the end of the game put us under some pressure, and did a good job holding the ball and bringing some of his teammates into the game…I think Fletcher, to see him in person, is a real good player. His movement off the ball is tremendous.”

On the match:
“Some of our domestic players that have been off for two, three, four weeks, fitness was a bit of a factor and they tired a little bit at the end of the match. But I think the Scottish team was a little fitter than us and probably had a little more continuity on the field because a number of them have played together for awhile. In our case this is a completely new squad and sometimes that’s never easy. Overall, I was pleased.”

On some of the young players performances:
“I think (Brian) Carroll in the middle for us (played well) in his second cap. I think the young kid (Chris) Rolfe that came in at the end of the game as a forward did well in his first cap. John Spector in probably his third cap, the young man that played left back, was OK. Ben Olsen had a good second half for us. (Santino) Quaranta in the second half did alright for us. I thought (DaMarcus) Beasley was very good. He had to leave the game with a little strained hamstring.”

On Josh Wolff:
“(Josh Wolff) had a decent performance. He hurt a rib. Josh has been off for about five or six weeks with his club, so a little unfit and he was dealing with the rib injury at the end of the season that acted up a little bit today. I thought at times in the first half he looked alright.”

On the midfield:
“We were lacking a little bit in central midfield today with (Claudio) Reyna out, (John) O’Brien, who plays in Holland, wasn’t available, Landon Donovan who is in the MLS championship tomorrow wasn’t available. So, that hurt us a little bit and we were forced to play with two holding midfielders because we didn’t have a midfielder that was comfortable coming forward at that position. So that hurt us a little bit in the attack.”

On Brian Carroll:
“A good young player. His second international match, and I think he did a good, solid job in the holding midfield position. He showed a little composure on the ball. His passing was solid, and I thought he did a great job.”

On Heath Pearce:
“We were caught a little bit when Beasley came off and we had to play a kid, Heath Pearce, in his first cap at left sided midfield and he hadn’t played there before. He did okay given the responsibility we gave him.”

U.S. midfielder DaMarcus Beasley
On the pace of the game:
“The game was OK. The first half was better than the second half. I thought that for the first 20 minutes, we came out really well. We put them on their heels and had a couple of chances. After that, Scotland settled down, and they began to play. We couldn’t get their formation right so we were a little bit disorganized, but after that we did OK.”

On some of the newcomers to the squad:
“The young guys did well. Chris Rolfe came in and did a great job up top using his speed to get behind defenders. I thought he played very well.”

On including the younger players:
“It’s all about building our team for the future. Why not start now? We’ve got six to seven months, and the guys that are here deserve to get looked at. They play well in [MLS] so they deserve a spot and a chance to make it to the next World Cup.”

U.S. forward Josh Wolff
On the game:
“For these games, you have to come in with the right attitude and the understanding that it’s going to be a battle. In the first 20 minutes I think we answered everything they brought, and we were rewarded with the goal, and I think it was deserved. After that we lost our way a bit, and they took it to us and were able to pull even. In the second half we were able to play a little more composed, the game slowed down a little. 1-1 is OK. It would have been nice to get the win, but everyone was pleased in the end.”

On the penalty kick:
“I take them with my club. We didn’t have a number of experienced guys in the front half so I figured that I would just go up and take it. Those are just about keeping your wits and your nerves a bit and just slip it in the corner, and it was taken pretty well. I had another one late in the first half that I probably should have put away. I was trying to sneak it at the near post and just missed.”

U.S. forward Chris Rolfe
On making his first appearance:
“I was just trying to get a couple of good first touches to get my confidence up. Fortunately, I got through a couple of times behind them, but my final pass was off. It was still good, a good night.”

On preparing for the game:
“It’s a great feeling. Anticipating the moment, I was still a bit nervous at times leading up to today. Now that I have gotten through all that, from here on out if I get some more games, it should be good. It just felt like another game. The guys are great, the coaching staff had some good thoughts for me before the game.”

On what the coaches told him before the match:
“It’s another game. Go out and have a good time, work hard and just do everything that I have been doing. I’m here for a reason, so I tried to play that way.”

On if he thinks he made an impression:
“I try to do everything I can when I get an opportunity. Hopefully, I caught [Arena’s] eye a bit tonight, and maybe I’ll get called into the next camp, and we’ll see where it goes from there.”

U.S. defender Jonathan Spector:
On the match:
“It was a competitive game, I think it was good for us. It was a good result for us to get a point away from home. I thought they played well. When James McFadden came on I thought he changed the game a bit, and a lot of the play went through Darren Fletcher and I thought that he did a good job.”

On being away from Manchester United:
“For me it’s just mainly to get first team football. I have to continue to develop and improve and hopefully help Charlton in the process.”

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