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U.S. WNT Quote Sheet - USA 2, China 0

U.S. Women’s National Team Post-game Quote Sheet
USA 2, China 0
June 16, 2007

Greg Ryan
U.S. Women’s National Team Head Coach

On the game:
“I think we had a slow start tonight. We didn’t have the determination to go to goal and really to keep the ball and to dominate the game. But late in the first half and certainly in the second half, that determination was there and the commitment was there to attack and to take players on and crack their shots. So, I was happy with the way we played. In the end, our finishing was just a little off today, which is going to happen sometimes and on these days, you have to win on set plays. And that is what happened. Lilly put in a great ball to Abby and then Lopez on a corner kick. So when you are a little off from time-to-time, set plays can save you.”

On Abby Wambach’s performance:
“Fantastic effort. Abby is a battler. She never quits and she is great at finding some way to beat you. Today maybe it wasn’t her best day in terms of finishing in the flow of play, but she is going to find another way and tonight she did that twice.”

On the USA defense against China:
“Credit our defense. It is one of the best performances we’ve had all year. Our defense was so strong today. The back four and Shannon Boxx holding in the midfield, and Leslie (Osborne) coming in. But Bri (Scurry) did the things that are important behind the defense, coming out and picking up crosses. Because those are the key moments that the ‘keeper has to come up, picking off the through balls that are aimed to Han Duan (Chinese forward). She came up very well and took care of the balls behind the defense.”

On Briana Scurry’s performance:
“I think that in the last month Bri has raised her level again and we are seeing more of the Bri that we saw in 2004, which is really welcome to see. Bri is a gamer, and she is getting that game sharpness back. Just that look in her eye that ‘I belong here. I’m the player, and if I step on the field I am going to dominate this game.’ And I thought tonight she owned that penalty box.”

On the substitution of Leslie Osborne for Shannon Boxx that helped spark the U.S. attack:
“Shannon was a little injured, and she had a yellow card, so I didn’t want to risk going down to 10 players. That was the primary reason. I think Leslie came and helped clearly initiated a lot of our attacks. I think Leslie’s performance tonight really helped kick start our attack. So it just worked out that way. So I wish I could say it was good coaching, but it was just good fortune and Leslie’s good play.”

On Stephanie Lopez’s performance:
“Just fantastic. Great young player and a great game tonight. She had a lot to do defensively and did very well. She was very composed and played great balls forward and ended up getting an assist. Good for her.”

Leslie Osborne
U.S. WNT Midfielder

On the team’s current preparation for the FIFA Women’s World Cup:
“We are just preparing for the World Cup. For two years we have been working so hard with our fitness and getting to know each other with so many different personalities out there. In the last two months and for the rest of the summer it is just about chemistry. We aren’t working on anything else except just playing. We’ve prepared as much as we can and now it is just about getting it down, and our set plays, and the details. We’ve worked so hard, all that we have left is to play and work on the details. We feel really good right now.”

On Abby Wambach tonight:
“You can’t give her a step. And unfortunately defenders do, and you can have played a great game, but if you don’t stay with her all the time, you are going to get burned like that. And that’s why she is the player she is.”

Briana Scurry
U.S. WNT Goalkeeper

On the things she does to raise her game:
“Really just focusing. Saying no to other things, and saying yes to getting in the weight room, and working on my game and fine-tuning things, watching your diet. Those kinds of things. And just really starting to think about being on the podium, which is what everyone wants come the 30th of September. So, just fine tuning my game a little bit.”

On her return to the team as a back-up after taking a year off from playing:
“I decided to come back on my own, and the team wanted me back. It was fair. I was dealing with the death of my father a lot, and Hope has played well. She hasn’t lost a game, so you can’t really argue with that. It is hard to make a case when you haven’t lost a game. I decided to just do my thing, and if the opportunity came up, I was going to take it.”