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U.S. Soccer Youth Certificate and Youth Instructor’s Certification

U.S. Soccer's coaching schools have been providing quality education in the United States since the 1970s.  The new Youth Certificate and Youth Instructor's Certification will allow U.S. Soccer to provide more service by allowing a greater number of educators to be certified and expanding the network of instructors. The strong commitment of U.S. Soccer's National Coaching Staff to service the game at the grassroots level from Coaching Schools to State Associations, AYSO and ODP has been essential to that growth.

At U.S. Soccer, one of our primary objections is to better serve our members through a constant review of our business.  Part of our review have taken into consideration the ever-changing needs of soccer coaches in this country.  Beginning with our presentation last October at the U.S. Soccer Board of Directors meeting, we have done our best to examine how the U.S. Soccer coaching courses can better serve the needs of our constituents. To more accurately reflect the intent of the U.S. Soccer Youth License, we have changed the name to National Youth Instructor’s Certification in place of the U.S. Soccer Youth License.  While the curriculum will remain the same, U.S. Soccer now offers the National Youth Instructor’s Certification, as well as the National Youth Certificate.

U.S. Soccer Youth Instructor’s Certification
The U.S. Soccer Youth Instructor’s Certification course is designed to "teach the teachers", and allows coaches to be certified  to teach youth modules and future Instructor Certification courses. After receiving the U.S. Soccer Youth Instructor's Certification, a coach is eligible to be approved to teach youth modules and/or Instructor Certification courses as requested by U.S. Soccer, U.S. Youth Soccer, State Associations, State Directors of Coaching, AYSO or others that may be using the U.S. Soccer curriculum.  The new certification course structure will allow a greater number of teachers to be licensed throughout the United States and will allow a greater number of coaches to be eligible to "teach the teachers".

Once the U.S. Soccer Youth Instructors Certification has been earned, instructors will be required to teach a minimum number of courses in a four year-span.  If the minimum standard (which is currently being finalized) is not met, re-certification will be required.

U.S. Soccer Youth Certificate
The U.S. Soccer Youth License was created in 1995 to provide coaches with the most current information on the development of youth soccer players in the U.S.  The objective of the new U.S. Youth Certificate is to continue to provide all soccer coaches - from the beginner to the most advanced - with up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge, so that coaches across the United States can ensure that players develop to their full potential.  Since the inception of the Youth Certificate, more than 750 coaches have earned the license.

The Youth Certificate allows coaches to take each of the three module courses in a one-week session.  The module courses consist of five days of classroom and field instruction and one day of written and practical examinations. The instruction for the module course is age-specific, and each day of the course is devoted to the physical, psychological and social characteristics displayed by children of a specific age (i.e. Under-6, Under-8 and Under-10).

For more information, please contact Kati Hope in U.S. Soccer's Coaching Department.  Kati can be reached at or 312-528-1231.